Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday

I've been seeing these pop up on blogs, and I think it's a fun way to share a few things that are floating my boat right now.

1. Nancy Holtzman. She works for Isis Parenting (another things I'm going ga-ga for lately) and tweets awesomeness. They have webinars on Tuesdays {sleep} and Thursdays {breastfeeding}. I've watched a few of the sleep ones and think they are great. You can also tweet her a picture based on that week's webinar, and she might feature your kiddo. But back to Nancy's tweets. She is an RN and an IBCLC, so she just has tons of info about children in general, but she also comes from a more gentle approach to parenting. Point being, she is amazing!

Oh? Who's that starring in his first webinar??

2. Kombucha. Specifically, Buddha's Brew. This may be the drink that helps me kick my chai latte habit to the curb. I am obsessed. And the best part is it's good for you! The bad news is I finished off my jug last night. Boo.

3. Chiropractic care. Something is wrong with my back. I ache, and the pain radiates down my arms at times. I'm worried I have bone cancer because it feels like it is that deep. Dramatic much? In all likelihood, carrying Drew around all day is {I think} the likely culprit. I have my first ever chiropractic appointment on Monday, and I'm so excited!!

4. Amber teething necklace. These are all over the place, but I ordered Drew's from here. I think we've started teething. Trent's first tooth popped through, and I had no clue he'd been teething. Drew is fussing, fussing, fussing. Something isn't quite right. Even if she's not teething yet, it won't hurt to have her necklace wearing days start early!

Won't D be so cute in this?

5. Moscato wine. I think I have finally found a wine that I love every time I drink it. My mom is constantly trying new brands {always of the $6 bottle variety} and each and every one of this is yumm-o!