Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Beau's Shower!

I co-hosted a baby shower for Kristen and Schuyler and their baby girl, Beau, who is due to join their family in a few weeks! We did a twist on a fiesta theme, and I think it turned out awesome.

Let's start with the dessert table, shall we?
I made sopapilla cheesecake and it was a hit!

Lots of drinks

I loved all the decorations which were the brain-child of one of the other hostesses. She should really plan parties instead of being a CPA! I made the pom-poms...they looked like crap, ha.

Kristen made me promise to only put pictures of her on here where she looked good. She didn't say anything about looking silly!

Beau got so many gifts. And I could have died over some of the dresses. I might have plotted ways to steal them for Drew.

Ready to welcome their little girl

Hostesses and Mama-to-be

I am beyond excited for Beau's arrival. Drew is ready for her future BFF to be here so they can start playing and plotting against us. {grin}


Karen M. Peterson said...

Looks like a fun baby shower! I am semi-retired from hosting them after doing something like 14 in the past year.