Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fashion Police: Emmy's 2013

It's awards season!!!! Yippee!!! Allison and I have vowed to see all the Best Picture Oscar nominees again this year, but I have yet to see a movie in the theater in 2013, so I have a long way to go...eek!

Luckily for me, the Emmy's are up first which is all about TV. Most of the shows that won I don't watch and my fave {Downton Abbey} got majorly snubbed. The fashion, however, never disappoints!

January Jones - SO boring - her hair is blah, the dress makes her body look blah
Julie Bowen - E! fashion police dogged this, but I thought it looked so much better than some other dresses I've seen her wear
Julia Louis Dreyfus - she is in her FIFTIES people - WOW

There is a way to do lace and a way not to do lace.
Lena Headey - I mostly love this for some reason. I normally don't like lace dresses but maybe just because it fits her so good?
Aubrey Plaza - just awful, she has beads or something sewed all over it and a collar? What?
Julianne Hough - we get it, you are a dancer.

There was a lot of black and white on the red carpet. A LOT.


Just the ladies
Merritt Wever {yeah, I didn't know who she was either} - her acceptance speech was the best ever
Kate Mara - this has majorly grown on me as I look at it. I think I wish her hair was a little softer as the dress is kind of harsh, and I don' t like the shoes but I really like.

The Deschanel sisters
Zooey definitely looks better, Emily's dress looks too big? But I love that they are kinda color-coordinated.

Sofia Vegara - this is the shape she always wears - but if it ain't broke...
Michelle Dockery - I just love her.
Heidi Klum - the collar is just too big

Sarah Hyland - is it me or is something weird about her face here?
Anna Chlumsky - #1 - she is my age, #2 - she JUST had a baby in July, wow.
Mayim Bialik - This is by far from best dressed, but it is by far the best SHE has looked, love it!

Jewel(ish) tones
Snooze, snooze, snooze, I do like the color on Mindy Kaling and how Alyson Hannigan looks.

 I don't watch this show...but wow... Allison Williams {on the left} looks amazing but Lena Dunham and Zosia Mamet are so so so beyond bad.

And now onto my favorite bad looks.

Connie Britton - is she wearing a rug?

Anna Faris - her hair with her PALE skin but dark eyebrows and lipstick and BRIGHT dress...just too much

Nathan Fillion - how HUGE is he compared to her? Like freakish.

 Kerry Washington - Could you make this dress busier?

Paula Abdul - just too awful for me to write anything, I just stare at this.

Why is Will Arnett SOOO tan? Like distractingly tan!

Some most improveds...

Kaley Cuoco usually looks a hot mess. I liked her this year.

Christina Hendricks - she usually dresses her body SO bad but I think she nailed it here.

Best Dressed

Best Dressed in a Suit - Jane Lynch looks awkward when she wears a dress {take a note Lena Dunham}, but she looks amazing in this tux!

Most people won't agree with me, but I thought Tina Fey just looked amazing. She has come so far in the last few years, and I thought she looked perfect.

Sarah Silverman - This is Brent's favorite because he says you can guarantee no one dressed her and she looks great. {I love his celebrity input after he's had a few beers!}

Worst Dressed

Claire Danes - it hurts my heart to name her worst dressed but this is just horrid. It does not fit AT ALL and her hair is so bad. I loved the bottom half of the dress but the top half just did not fit at all and was so sick. 

 So spill...What did you think??


Rhonda B said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said! But mostly I just can't stop looking at Nathan Fillion and that tiny girl! WTH?!?!

kelly_bruneman said...

My favorite out of everyone you showed in this post was Allison Williams. That is my kind of dress...simple, the silhouette is great and the color is perfect.