Monday, July 31, 2017

The State of Eight

We had Trent's well-check last week. As expected, he's amazing. I can't believe my first baby is 8! So let's check-in on how this kid is doing and growing.

Height: 49.8" {50%}
Weight: 49 pounds {25%}
BMI: 13.8% {5%}

By the numbers:
Pounds gained: 3 pounds
Inches grown: 2.5"
Teeth lost: 0!
Teeth grown in: 2
Siblings gained: 1

Trent's 8th year had it's ups and downs. His promotion to big brother x2 showed how truly fantastic he is and sweet he is with his sisters. He loves to help with Paige and is always so sweet and good with her. He and Drew have their moments, but they can still play really well together. He just picks on her quite a lot because he knows how to push her buttons, ha!

I think one of the biggest changes this year has been Trent losing interest in Star Wars and Legos. That has been a constant of his for probably 3 years! His new loves are Minecraft and Pokemon Go. He plays Minecraft with Miles and taught Drew to play, and it is so cute to watch him. He also loves to listen to Minecraft parody songs and have battles in our living room against his invisible enemies. If Brent and I had a dollar for every time he destroyed our couch...

He's reading like crazy too. Captain Underpants, Minecraft books, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid are just a few of the series he enjoys. He loves to tell jokes, thinks bathroom humor is hilarious, loves to wrestle with Brent. He still likes to snuggle with me, but he's never been much of a cuddler.

School...not sure what to say about school. {grin} He's so smart, but he can cause trouble in class too. He'll be part of the oldest kids in his class, so I'm excited to see how this year will be. He's got a group of friends and his first girlfriend! Although they've only seen each other once since school got out, but he talks about her still. Cute story: we were talking about how teenage girls talk and he said he thought it was so annoying. I told him one day he'd really like how teenage girls talk and something about wanting to be their boyfriends. He said 'But I don't want to break-up with Evelyn.' SO CUTE.

He is a great swimmer and super fast, but Trent is still not into sports. I think we're going to try soccer this fall. He'd play inside all day if we let him, and he'd beg for electronics all day too!



Anonymous said...

I love that he's a reader! -AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Sweet T!

Emily said...

Aw sad to see Legos go. I will cry when that day happens! Hilarious note: my 4 year old is 2 lbs less than your 8 year old! Aaron is 47 lbs and it's all muscle. People go to pick him up and they are like "wtf he doesn't look that big" haha.