Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day in the Life: July 22, 2017

I kept forgetting to document a day in our life. I would remember later on a day I intended to do, so I got stuck doing this day. And then I STILL forgot until about 9:30, so I'm crazy light on pictures. It was a boring first half of the day (full of CHORES), too. Enjoy?

**********Saturday, July 22, 2017**********

Brent is 37
Allena is 36 {for 2 more weeks}
Trent is 8
Drew is 4.5
Paige is 7 months

2: something AM - Get up to nurse Paige. I went to bed about 11:30 and was delirious during this nursing session.

5: something AM - Get up to nurse Paige.

7:30 AM - I hear Paige on the monitor, and then Drew came in our room and got in bed to snuggle.

7:50 AM - Trent comes in and immediately wants screen time. I tell him no and go get Paige. Trent and Drew follow me. Get Paige changed and nursed and decide today is the day to transition her clothes. She needs to move up from 3-6 month clothes to 6-9 month clothes. Get Paige some puzzles to play with while I start sorting clothes to wash.

8:30 AM - Paige is fussy, so I'm thinking she must have woken up before I heard her on the monitor. She can usually go 2 hours in between naps. Trent negotiates for screen time, and we also discuss getting to see Miles later in the day.

9:00 AM - I start a load of Paige's clothes. Drew puts on her 1st birthday onesie, and it still fits. Hilarious. 

Trent trying to put on one of Paige's dress as a shirt.

1st birthday onesie on a 4.5-year-old!

Brent is watching The Open today. 

I start to fold a massive load of clothes in the dryer, but I don't get very far because Paige is very fussy. She needs to go to bed. 

9:15 AM - Nap #1 for Paige - I nurse her down super fast. Girlfriend was definitely ready for a nap.

9:30 AM - The next few hours are very boring - sorry readers {grin}! I clean the kitchen, warm up the last of my cranberry tea, listen to the Bobby Bones Show, and look at steam mops {ours died}.

I forgot how messy it is when a baby eats! Everything is disgusting!

It's tradition for me to take a selfie with a chai on DiTL day...except no chai today.
So a cranberry tea selfie!

10:00 AM - I stab myself with a knife while washing dishes, that was super fun. Brent comes home with Sonic breakfast for everyone {Spoiler alert from my July goals - Whole 30 hasn't happened}. I look at Instagram while I eat my french toast sticks. Sweep the kitchen, finish folding that big load of clothes, mop the kitchen on my hands and knees, pick up and sweep the living room.

11:15 AM - Argue with Trent about cleaning his room. It is HORRIBLE. He is so my child. 

We agree on 11:45 AM. Trent is playing in his room and Drew is coloring. 

I can't remember exactly when I turned electronics off for them. Drew and Trent start to pillow fight, and it ends in tears from Drew.

11:45 AM - Trent starts cleaning his room - with MUCH moaning and complaining. Since I can't work in Paige's room, I decide to also clean out Drew's closet. She has a ridiculous amount of clothes and wears very little of what she has - I'm sick of looking at all these clothes that she refuses to wear!

12:00 PM - Paige is up! Almost a 3-hour nap. Trent is still cleaning, and Drew is playing with tormenting Paige. Paige nurses and I continue to work on Paige's clothes. The big 2 take turns taking pictures with my phone.

Brent trying to hide - punk.

1:15 PM - I make lunch for Trent and Drew. Trent had spacers put in his teeth on Thursday to get a Dillingham appliance for his tongue thrust, and his mouth is a little sore, so he gets mostly soft foods.

1:30 PM - Make a new batch of cranberry tea. 

I figure now's as good a time as any to feed Paige some real food. She gets an apple slice, half a banana, some blueberries, tomatoes, a scrambled egg, and some green beans. She is fussing at me so hard while I put everything together. Girlfriend is READY TO EAT!

Trying to keep her happy with green beans while I get everything ready.

Get in my belly!
{Sidenote - see that little sticking up patch of her hair on the right? That will never lay down. I love her little 'stick em up' hair!}

2:00 PM - The boys play Super Mario Bros 3. 

I need to get Paige down for her next nap, but I called my mom, and they are going to stop by our house to take Trent with them to Salado for a family reunion {where Miles will be} since I am taking Drew to a birthday party and can't get there as early. I need to put clothes on since I am still in my pajamas and some of my dad's cousins are with them.

2:20 PM - Nurse Paige, but she doesn't fall asleep. Put her down, and she fusses but goes down about 2:45.

2:30 PM - My mom, dad, his cousin Kyle {a girl} and her husband Keith come by to get Trent.

2:45 PM - Get Drew into a bathing suit and debate a hairstyle. She wants to wear it flat {meaning down}, but I want it back since she's swimming. We agree on an Elsa braid. After her hair is fixed, I get ready.

3:05 PM - I am ready to go, but Drew wants to show me a video about a heart braid to see if I can make her hair like that. Hmmm...I can try!

3:10 PM - We leave for the party!

3:20 PM - Arrive at our town's rec center which has an awesome outdoor pool/splash pad. Eat pizza and cupcakes and Drew swims. I didn't bring my suit but wade in the water with her. Talk to friends. Great time!

4:50 PM - We leave so we can get Paige and get to Salado. Brent had texted at 4:30 that she was awake. Drew and I have a great time driving home singing songs about her ring pop, ha. {We sang 'Shake your ring pop' to the tune of 'Shake it off'}

Look at the forecast for next Saturday? Is it October yet? Sigh.

5:00 PM - Get home. Nurse and change Paige. Grab bathing suits for Paige and me and pajamas for Paige and Drew. We get on the road at 5:30. Drew and I have a cute conversation about 'Honk the horns' {Hook 'em horns} and the 'Gig 'em Aggies'.

6:00 PM - Arrive at the reunion. Mom meets us outside and carries Paige. My dad's oldest cousin, Hugh, who is 96 is in the lobby with his wife Eleanor, who is 91. We also visit with my uncle and some other cousins of my dad's. Then I get changed into my suit and head down to the pool with Drew. Mom keeps Paige in the meeting room.

6:15 PM - Sit down with Patty and David and visit while Miles, Trent, Blair, Drew, and Mayer swim. 

Trent wants to stay the night, so I text Mom upstairs and she agrees. Trent and Miles are ecstatic! So cute to see how much they love each other.

6:30 PM - Mom, Dad, Kyle, and Keith come outside. Paige got upset when she realized I wasn't upstairs anymore! 

6:45 PM - I get in the pool and the kids use me as a ladder, diving board, float - all sorts of fun things. #auntoftheyear 

My hair comes out of my ponytail and I lose my hair-tie with all the shenanigans. We order pizza from a local place, and I take Paige upstairs to put pajamas on - she's getting fussy.

7:15 PM - Get back out to the pool, Dad's got the pizza there. Eat a slice really quickly, and Mom gets Drew into her pajamas. Paige is seriously about to lose her sh*t.

7:30 PM - Get on the road, and Paige cries, sucks her thumb, fusses the whole way home. Occasionally I find a song she likes, and I also roll her window down - both seem to help.

8:00 PM - We arrive back home. A few of Brent's friends are on the back patio with him. 

He takes Paige to give her some kisses, but she is having none of that and starts crying. Drew is going to watch 1 movie on her Kindle - she realized as we walked in the door that Trent wasn't home {she asked me if he got home before us, ha}, so I let her console herself with some screen time. She says she wants to sleep naked and takes her pajama bottoms off. #weirdo

8:15 PM - I nurse Paige down and put her in bed. Drew wants to eat the rest of her pizza and gets some water. Paige is fussing, so I need to go back in her room. I tell Drew one more movie and lights out.

9:00 PM - I have to go in Paige's room 2 more times. It's 9:30 before I have her asleep. Definitely got her overtired. I start this post in between going in her room with a glass of cranberry tea. Brent orders a pizza, but I don't want pizza for the 3rd time today {or do I...time will tell - edited to add: I didn't eat pizza, ha}.

10:20 PM - Take a shower. Take a look at my FitBit results for the day!

10:40 PM - 1 more glass of tea and a few Reese's cups (minis). Order steam mop and baby pool float. Finish getting ready for bed. I notice Brent has pulled our flat sheet off the bed and shoved it in the pack 'n play that we keep up for Paige in the bathroom. The flat sheet has been the fight of our marriage, ha.

11:00 PM - Get in bed to read. Really enjoying 'A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty'.

12:01 AM - Good night!

I had to nurse Paige 3 times in the night. How did I get 3 children who don't want to sleep at night? Oh well, I got super cute ones so I can't complain too much. And that concludes our July portion of a DiTL... Until October...


Emily said...

What's the fight about the flat sheet? I'm so confused!

Erika said...

I can't believe Drew can wear a one year old onesie!!!!! That is insane!! At least say it was really big on her when she was actually one?! :)

Kathryn Bagley said...

Busy day! That onesie

Natasha said...

I spent an hour two times this week going through the kids' rooms with them. We recycled/got rid of SO MUCH STUFF. Where does it all come from?!?!?

Rachel is currently whining because she and Sam were "playing" and it turned into "fighting." Awesome.

And Rachel and I are ALWAYS fighting because she wants her hair down but it can't stay that way all the time. I'm always threatening to cut it off because I'm so sick of fighting about it with her :(

Your DITL made me tired. And reminded me that I want to do one sometime too!

Karen Peterson said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so tired now! And also I want pizza. And to go swimming.

Also, I love your design. When did this happen?? I'm so behind!