Monday, July 3, 2017

July 2017 Goals

Having made it through 6 months as a family of 5 and feeling like I've got a good groove going with parenting 3, I decided it was time to start doing goals again! So here we go!!

1. Whole 30 Round 3 - My diet is pure garbage. I let it slide while pregnant and there is no way I am going to try and eat clean when I am waking up 87 times a night with a newborn. Add to that the 15 pounds I gained from Zoloft, and I am pretty unhappy with my overall health and weight. Whole 30 is a great way for me to jump start myself. I need the rules and discipline, so I'm starting July 5. I am going to have a MAJOR carb flu in the early part of the week, ugh, but it will be so worth it at the end of the 30 days.

2. Exercise 3 times per week - I have been walking probably once or twice a week, but that's been it. I am seriously out of shape, and that goes hand-in-hand with how bad I feel about myself. I know this will help all around! We have access to the gym in our neighborhood now, so I am hoping that will help.

3. Intentional About Picking Up - There are days where I do great on staying on top of the clutter and days I don't. Unfortunately, the days I don't mean the following days are so much harder because I have a hole to dig out of. I want to set the timer 3-4 times a day for 10 minutes and just plow through as much as I can. It was so much easier to keep the house picked up when I was on maternity leave and the big 2 went to school, ha!

4. Less Screen Time/More Reading - This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but the screen time has gotten out of control in our house. When Paige was first born and then when I entered the hell of PPA, I needed screen time for the big 2 to cope. But that obviously isn't good for them and it's easy to get in a bad habit. So I want to majorly cut down on what they have been watching and instead get back to reading more. 

So those are my goals for July! Here's hoping I can start these off with a bang!


Kathryn Bagley said...

You know I'm all about working out! You should find a 5k to do in the next 2 or 3 months and that could be a motivating factor!! :)

Emily said...

These are great goals and I'm pretty sure I could have written this exact list a few months after Oliver was born too. Postpartum life is hard!

Karen Peterson said...

These are great goals!

I definitely need to read more.

Natasha said...

I like your "intentional picking up" goal. I need to add that to my list of goals.