Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7 Month Comparisons

Look at my peanuts! We are so in my favorite phase - I love this age of exploration and total sweetness. Although the sass also starts too! {grin}

Things I've noticed for similarities between Trent and Paige:
  • Round faces - they definitely have those chubby cheeks of Brent's
  • Tongue thrust - they both got that lovely trait from me
  • Teething a little on the early side although Trent was still the earliest - Trent was 4.5 months, Paige was before 6 months, Drew was 7 months
  • Sweet dispositions - definitely our happiest babies
Things I've noticed for similarities between Drew and Paige:
  • Not good sleepers at night - these 2 have loved to get some middle of the night snuggles from me!
  • Early crawlers - Drew at a week past 7 months and Paige a week before, Trent was 8.5 months
  • Hating the car seat
Things I've noticed for similarities between all 3:
  • Very similar coloring - I know we are finding out all the time that genetics isn't as simple as we once thought, but in so many ways it's like the kids got a blending of mine and Brent's genes and coloring is a big one. Brent was a blonde haired, blue-eyed baby and I have been brown/brown my whole life {although my eyes have lighted as time has gone on} - all 3 kids have kind of honey-colored hair, with Paige's being the lightest as a baby, and these gorgeous blue/green/brown speckled eyes.
  • Fat at birth but lots of leaning out as time goes on - Trent was 75-90% in weight at birth and 25-50% at 6 months, Drew was 95-98% at birth and 25% at 6 months, and Paige was 100% at birth and just below 50% at 6 months.
  • My eye shape and nose
  • Super cute and adorable and fantastic!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I love all of P's little head wraps!