Monday, September 26, 2016

Life Lately

Last week I posted ZERO pictures of my children or baby bump. #ForShame Let's remedy that pronto, shall we?

That time my shirt wouldn't stay down and I felt like Rachel Green.
Let's just say this shirt is now retired.

Remember this? I wish my arms looked this good...oh wait, #FakePregnancy

That time I caught them holding hands and my heart exploded.
Let's ignore Drew picking her nose, okay?

When Babs decided they could each take a bag of Lego pieces home...
it got serious!

Watching videos with Daddy in the EARLY morning. 

When 1 pair of sunglasses just isn't enough!

Straight chillin'

So fresh and so clean

On my way to a baby shower

My cute date - IN A DRESS AND WITH A BOW!!!

Earning a trip to Target by scrubbing Dad's floor mats!

Her first Lego set! {Of course Bubba put it together}

More Pokemon cards...
This is pretty much all he talks about these days!

They were just hanging out in his room talking together.
I snuck up to take a pic and died.

I don't think I shared this summer that we were having a lot of trouble with my car. We thought it was the battery and then when replacing that didn't do the trick, it was determined to be an electrical short. So I got a new {to me} Ford Explorer!

Welcome to the family! I will try to not destroy you!

That time I got dressed in the laundry room and drove to Houston at 6AM for a meeting and didn't realize the bow on my bra poked out until I got to Houston.

While in Houston Brent texted me this.
New Christmas pj's from Babs and a creative sleeping spot. {grin}
Drew has also decided she is ready to sleep in panties at night! 
We've had a few accidents, but she's doing so great!

My weird, triangle-shaped hotel room that was all windows???

So my sister moved. Our 6 minute drive has grown to an hour.
We went to check out the new digs this past weekend and Drew wore a ballerina outfit. 

Mayer feeling Smoochie move. 

When you want to see what's happening on Sofia the First but don't want to actually watch it.

And the 'Drew falls asleep in the car' edition. {grin}
1) After the baby shower 2) 5:00 on a Friday 3) Leaving Aunt Patty's

We've also had some fun medical drama lately {fun used super loosely here}

  • I failed my 1-hour glucose test {barely} and get to repeat it with the 3-hour version bright and early Monday.
  • My mother-in-law had major surgery last week, but she is doing great!
  • My dad has a bacterial infection that is BAD. Like he's in isolation in the hospital bad. It's been going on for about 5 days and luckily the latest round of IV antibiotics seem to be working, and he should go home with a PICC line Monday afternoon for 4 weeks of IV antibiotics.
So if you're the sending good thoughts type person, we'll take them!


Anonymous said...

That green dress is super cute! As are your kids as always. Prayers for your dad & fabulous MIL. - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Praying for your MIL and your dad!! You looked super cute for the baby shower!

Kelly said...

I texted you...but sending good thoughts for your MIL and Daddy! :(

Emily said...

Sorry about the unfortunate medical issues! But congrats on the Ford. How do you like it? I've always wanted an explorer. It's 3 rows right? How is it on space?