Thursday, September 29, 2016

ABC Game: Brent's Turn!

I really love when I can get Brent to play my silly blog games. I must have caught him in a good moment because he agreed easily. {grin}

A - Age: 36
B - Biggest Fear: running out of Miller Lite
C - Current Time: 5 o'clock somewhere
D - Drink you last had: water
E - Every day starts with: the thought of calling in sick
F - Favorite song: New Year's Day - Charlie Robison
G - Ghosts, are they real?: Swazye died so no
H - Hometown: Austin, TX
I - In love with: beer, burger, boobs
J - Jealous of: retired people
K - Killed someone?: no speaka English
L - Last time you cried: when Gus died {Allena comment: anyone get that movie reference?}
M - Middle name: Joseph, no kin to Jesus or Mary
N - Number of siblings: 1 that I know of
O - One wish: to have as many wishes as I want
P - Person you last called: guy I work with
Q - Question you're always asked: Are you really having a third kid? {Allena comment: Yup!}
R - Reason to smile: payday
S - Song last sang: Down for Whatever - Ice Cube, that's right
T - Time you woke up: 6 in the am
U - Underwear color: Black. Can't believe they make white. That just doesn't make sense for anyone.
V - Vacation destination: someplace classy like Graceland or Dolly Wood
W - Worst habit: letting Allena talk me into things, like this for example
X - X-rays you've had: elbow, heel, ribs, tailbone. Only one was alcohol related. Any guesses? {Allena comment: That's a fun story I should tell!}
Y - Your favorite food: A cheeseburger and fries
Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus


Anonymous said...

So, Brent really likes his job!?!? Funny Brent. - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Such a trooper! LOL!

Emily said...

I absolutely cracked up at this. Running out of Miller and calling in sick, lol. Totally answers my husband would give

Kelly said...

Lonesome Dove!!! Still know that the first time I ever watched this was with you at A&M!

Karen Peterson said...

This cracked me up!