Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Picture Wednesday

So my BFF from kindergarten, Jennifer, does 'Random Picture Wednesday', and I think it is so fun. I know today is Friday, but I liked the title and decided to stick with it - since I am copying her... She uses dice to give her folder and picture, but I used my co-workers. So thanks to Leigh, Cristee, Kathleen and Jennifer for your selections, you can blame any lame pictures on them, not me!!

Leigh's selection: I have to confess that we had to go through 3 tries before Leigh picked a picture I hadn't JUST posted. I know Jennifer's 'rules' including posting the picture, no matter what, but I thought it wouldn't be as fun to post pictures I had already put up (since my blog is still very new). This picture is also from Patty's shower, and I think it looks like she's imagining waving her Aggie towel at a football game...Gig 'em!

Cristee's selection: This is from Brent's Sloshball Birthday Party - Walt got way too drunk, passed out on baby Macey's blanket, and got drawn on in Sharpie marker by his own brother. It was too hilarious!
Kathleen's selection: The Aggie vs. t.u. basketball game last year. We took a charter bus to College Station (full of ridiculous amounts of alcohol), watched the game (Aggies won - Whoop!), and then drove home. Don't worry, I was the DD. Here are most of the boys (Brent not included) shot-gunning a beer before tip-off.
Jennifer's selection: I did a lot of decorating around the house this summer and took pictures to send to Kristen, who was living in Louisville at the time. Lauren and I made these curtains (Lauren did most of the work) that now hang proudly in our master bedroom.


The Watkins Family said...

YAY! I think everyone should do this! I love it because it gives the pictures that would normally not make it to the blog a purpose. :) Keep it up! :) How is that baby growing? I think it's time for another belly shot. and don't you find out what you're having next week? I can't wait for that post!