Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Season Blues

Today marks the first day of 'Busy Season' for a public accountant. It seems that every year this day comes sooner and sooner. We just experienced the joys of the holiday season and then BAM we're working 'round the clock! I'm trying to think positively because the only thing that makes busy season worse is busy season with a bad attitude. So here's a list of some fun things I have on my calendar for this week (I will review this list every time I want to be grumpy).

1. Baby doctor appointment this week

2. Patty's first shower this weekend (meaning lots of girl cousins will be in town)

3. Seeing my girlfriend, Laura (she lives in Houston, and we don't see each other nearly enough)

4. I have next Monday off for MLK Day

Hopefully this list will make me feel better as the week progresses. Here's a cute picture of Laura's new son, Ryan, who was born in August. Hope everyone's Monday is starting off great and no one else has the 'blues'!!


KerrisKorner said... CAN DO IT!! Just a few months of hell and then you can relax again and gear up for baby!! This might actually make time go faster as you await meeting your sweet little one, and it's amazing how much energy we have in the second trimester. From about 15-30 weeks we feel like we can conquer the world (or at least I did with both pregnancys) that might get you through tax season nicely! Just take care of yourself (and baby) and don't over do're not just you anymore!