Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Irony of The Biggest Loser

'The Biggest Loser' is my favorite show on TV - anyone who talks to me knows that because I love to share every detail of the most recent episode - analyzing who is a good competitor, who had good weight loss, what parts made me cry... I think this show is so motivating - even for people not trying to lose weight. In the past, I would love to watch the show and run on the treadmill; who doesn't want to work out when you see morbidly obese people fighting for their lives?? Well, this season is a bit different for me, duh, since I'm pregnant. Now I eat (and eat and eat) while watching. Our treadmill is possessed and after 3 calls to customer service is STILL not working (Brent wants to throw it away, and I'm close to agreeing), so there's no running while watching. After a day at work where I wore my pants not only unbuttoned but unzipped (you gotta love the Bella Band), it's so weird to be watching my favorite show and enjoying weight GAIN!!! Here's to pregnancy!


Heather said...

Wanna know something...I've endured 3 amazingly wonderful pregnancies of 60+ weight gain (is that airing dirty laundry). :) It was worth every pound of it! Enjoy yourself!!

KerrisKorner said...

I agree with first pregnancy was about a 35-40 weight gain and I still got back to a size 2 after about a year...your body is a rubber band and will go back in time! I won't even say what I've gained with this pregnancy, but I'm praying I can have the weight loss success I had with #1 when this is all over with...just remember that it takes 9 months to gain and about a year to lose, especially if you are nursing for a year!

STACEY said...

Yes, I’m with the girls….enjoy yourself!! I know I sure did! I really enjoyed the chocolate. ;)