Monday, January 10, 2022

The Failure of 2021 Goals

I thought I would mix things up instead of just doing a bunch of recaps that I want but don't know who actually enjoys reading them. {grin} So I still need to post about Christmas, our trip to Ruidoso, and the girls' birthday stats, I'm going to share the results of my worst year of goal setting ever. [Original post here]

Health Goals

1. Develop a better relationship with food and 2. Hit goal weight - let's just say a big fat nope and move on, shall we. I'm feeling really awful about these goals and where I stand compared to them and they will both be ongoing goals until I master probably until I die.

3. Keep running - also nope. I think I ran twice in 2021. My running buddy moved away, and while we promised to keep running together, it didn't happen, and I don't like running alone! The upside is not running didn't mean I wasn't working out! I definitely maintained my workout schedule of 5-6 workouts/week, so I'm very happy about that.

4. Increase my flexibility - Success! One goal that I can say I did a good job with. I go to Pilates or Yoga about once a week, and I can really see a difference in my flexibility. I even had some success with the Mermaid Pose - I can't hit it every time I try, but I definitely have made progress.

5. Eat more vegetables - This is hit or miss. If I'm in the groove with food, I'm doing good, and if I'm not, I'm not. Will continue on as a goal, sigh.

Family Goals

1. Create a chore list for the kids - As an official list, no. As me telling them to do chores, yes. Are we doing it consistently? Also no, ha, but we have made progress here.

2. Get an evening schedule going - This is continuing to evolve and get better, but I still feel like we could improve here. Part of this involves having the kids perform chores in the evening to help clean the kitchen and that isn't happening. But we are doing well overall with an evening routine...minus that part ha.

3. Kid dates - I'm going to give myself a C- here. I took the girls to several movies but didn't do nearly as much as I planned and really almost nothing with Trent 1-on-1. Not to say I didn't spend time with him but not much, eek.

4. Travel as a family - Here's one we did, yay! We went to Brent's cousin's house, to the lake, and our vacation to Ruidoso!!!

NYE in the mountains!

Personal Goals

1. Read the Bible - Nope. But I'm not giving up...Eventually I will do this!

2. Close all monthly challenges - I got 10/12, so almost 85%! They got harder each month, and I finally got to the point where I just couldn't do it anymore for my mental health! I hit all but September and November.

3. Book goals - I did really good here and will do a whole book post later this month.
 - Read 100 books - I hit 124!
 - Continue to reduce the pile of physical books in my room - well, I definitely read/got rid of some old books in my 'pile' but also added to it ha. I think I'm going to track what I get for the pile and get rid of in 2022!
 - Educational books - Looking at my reads from 2021, I'd say 10 or so I would classify as 'educational', so I'm happy about this!
 - Books by/about POC - I wanted to increase my percentage from 25%, and I hit over 30% this year!
 - Classics - I wanted to read 2 books but only read 1 {I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings}. One of my neighbors and I have picked a couple to read this year together, so this should be easier this year!

So there we have it. A very lackluster year of goal achievement. I'm still working on my goals for 2022, but don't be surprised to see some repeats since I did such a crappy job of accomplishing these, ha.


Kathryn Bagley said...

You are teaching classes and I think that's a HUGE deal! To get up in front of people..BIG deal sister. Who cares that you didn't hit your weight are far from being lazy! The mermaid pose hurts just looking at it..ha! One of my goals is to get back to running. Since 2020 I have just kind of stopped. I miss it..but not sure my body does.

Emily said...

I listened to a podcast (dear god, I'm now that person who starts sentences with "I listened to a podcast...") where the host (Kendra Adachi) spent the whole podcast explaining WHY she didn't hit her 2021 goals (she accomplished 0.5 of 8 goals) and what she learned about herself from the experience. It was a very positive framework for her goal "failure," which, when framed like she did, was not really a failure. You could take that approach with your goals: what did you learn about yourself while NOT accomplishing them? You kind of did this with your running goal - you learned you need a community to work out, and when you lost your community [your running buddy] you found your community in attending/teaching classes. Knowing that, now your exercise goals going forward will be less of an individual effort and more revolved around a community aspect. I think you could take the same approach to vegetables. You said you would eat them if in a groove but otherwise not, why? You hate prepping them or didn't have discipline to choke down a food you hate? (I checked your original 2021 goals and you said you hate vegetables, so I gather it's taste over convenience.) Now, you know from 2021 that sheer discipline will not work - so X that out. What about a community-related vegetable goal? Do you have a friend that you could team up with to try one vegetable dish a month? (Vegetarian/vegan friends are great for this!) What about source vegetable recipes from your class attendees and then commit to one new recipe a week and report back to the class? Not saying you have to have vegetables in 2022, but if you did, just reframing your goal to fit you better.