Friday, January 21, 2022

5 Year Comparisons

I really love this once a year post to look at my babies together at the same age. With them at such different ages/stages, it's hard to see them day-to-day and see how much they favor each other. But in this pic, I totally see it!

Height: 42.5" {35%}
Weight: 39.5 pounds {42%}
BMI: 15.5 {53%}
Clothes size: 5T

Height: 40.5" {15%}
Weight: 33.2 pounds {5%}
BMI: 14.5 {25%}
Clothes size: 4T mostly
Shoe size: 10-11

Height: 42" {42%}
Weight: 34.2 pounds {13%}
BMI: 13.63 {6.5%}
Clothes size: 4T
Shoe size: 10.5 or 11

As always stats fascinate me! My kids are all so similar in size at each age - I'll be so curious to see how they end up.