Monday, January 24, 2022

Movie Review: Redeeming Love

It's my first movie of 2022! Allison and I went to see Redeeming Love over the weekend. I read the book in early 2021 after getting it for a Christmas present from my sister. I ended up enjoying the book a lot more than I expected to but wasn't sure what to expect from the movie.

Plot: Sold into prostitution as a child, Angel knows nothing but betrayal. Can her heart ever be mended?

Review: I was pleasantly surprised by how good a job I think they did turning this book into a movie. Yes, there were parts that were changed or left out, but the finished product felt very true to the movie. Allison struggled with it a little because it's very tough subject matter, and it is for sure difficult to watch Angel be abused over and over again, but it really is a very good story. It doesn't focus quite as much on the religious aspects of the story {trying to make this a commercial film, I think, instead of a Christian one}. Overall I enjoyed it!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I was going to ask if you wanted to see this while I was in town last weekend! It was just such a short weekend! I do want to see this though..loved the book. I'm kind of sad they took some of the Christian aspect out of it..that's really what makes the book.

Emily said...

Interesting. I reread your book review and saw it was very heavy Christian-based so I'm not surprised they left that out of the movie.