Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Christmas 2021 Rundown

It's crazy that Christmas was already over 2 weeks ago! But I can't let it pass totally without blogging about it. {grin} The kids were out of school starting December 18, and I blogged about our first weekend off already.

We are so fortunate to have everyone local and have had a very similar routine since Brent and I have been married. Last year we did switch to going to my parents' house on Christmas Eve instead of having 3 separate celebrations on Christmas Day {which made that day more stressful and less fun than it should be}.

On December 23, I took the girls to Cocoa with Santa at our neighborhood clubhouse. No matter how much I begged Trent, he wasn't budging, ha. I love doing stuff like this in the neighborhood because there is never a line, they always have a great Santa, and I can always order an adult drink. {grin}

Oh Christmas Eve we headed to my parents' in the early afternoon. We hung out with my sister's family while my parents were at church, and then did dinner/presents/drinking/more hanging out when they got back. The kids are all at really great ages where they still love the magic of Christmas but we don't need to worry about naps or rushing home for bedtime.

Annual picture of Patty and Allena eating Granny's recipe for Christmas Wreaths

The Swope Six!
Drew (8), Mayer (8), Miles (12), Trent (12), Paige (5), Blair (10)

Babs and Pops

Photo bombing brother-in-law

Trent's favorite gift was a wearable blanket from my sister!
This kid LOVES hoodies and LOVES blankets.

Side note about Trent - my parents gave Trent money as 2 different gifts but pranked him both times, and it was awesome. Trent is such a jokester, and it was great seeming him get pranked. One gift was a holder for a set of rosary beads. Trent opened it and said 'Well...this is...practical.' HA! My mom encouraged him to look inside where he found some money. The second time, she gifted him a book for a 1st grade reading level. The money was inside the book. Even I got fooled with that one haha.

OG Swopes

When we got home I still had some presents to wrap, so it was almost 2:00 AM before I got into bed. Paige and Drew came running into our room screaming 'IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!' and scared me half to death ha. It was almost 8:30 though so I can't complain too much. We had a low-key morning opening gifts, making breakfast, playing with gifts, and relaxing. Brent and I watched White Christmas in the afternoon, barely getting it in this year! We did make the girls take naps because they were exhausted from several late nights.

We gifted Trent a subscription to Funimation - a Manga site he has been drooling over.
He also had a bust of a present - I got him a Manga puzzle.
He said several times 'You got me a PUZZLE.' with utter scorn in his voice.
To be fair, it's 1,000 pieces and glows in the dark, it seemed neat to me!

We tried to do less toys this year, 
and one gift I got the girls was pots to paint with sunflower seeds to plant.
Our plants sprouted over our vacation so I hope we have flowers soon!

Late in the afternoon, we went over to Brent's parents' house to celebrate with his brother's family and his parents. 

5 of the 6 grandkids, Branden {the oldest} had to work

Delicious desserts!


Drew loves Wicked, and I can't wait to take her to see it.
I can't find any showings in Texas before 2023, so until then,
we will listen to music and enjoy some merch!

I copied the idea of trees on the island from my MIL - 
her display is incredible!

Gurley grands

And with this pic, Christmas was over!

Only 347 days until next Christmas, yay!


Kathryn Bagley said...

can we go back to Christmas please! all the fun things!!!

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That last picture is everything.