Monday, January 31, 2022

Day in the Life: January 18, 2022

I got out of the habit of my quarterly DiTL posts last year, but I want to get back into it this year! So I picked this past Tuesday, January 18, to document.

          ***************Tuesday, January 18, 2022***************

Brent is 41 1/2
Allena is 41
Trent is 12 1/2
Drew is newly 9
Paige is newly 5

The day I teach Body Pump, I sleep poorly the night before, so I look at the clock 75 times before I get up at 4:55 AM. I get ready to teach and head out the door at 5:10 AM to get to the studio!

Ready to go!

I got new tennis shoes in December and couldn't find them!
I had an epiphany Monday night and found them - in the office, of course! Ha!

5:15 AM - Arrive at the studio! 

I set-up equipment for all the participants and go over some of the choreography while I want on everyone to arrive.

5:30 AM - It's go time!

6:30 AM - Class is over, and I head home. I didn't take a pic with my class because they are always in a hurry to get home and start the day. We started having a jazzercise class at 6:30 which I love because then I can just leave and not have to lock everything up!

6:40 AM - I'm home and start making breakfasts, putting lunches in lunch boxes, all the morning things. I'm listening to Educated for our work book club.

6:50 AM - I wake the girls up.

I cracked up to see Paige with the bottom of Sackie over her head!

Slow to get started this morning. {grin}

7:00 AM - I give Trent his 10 minute warning. I'm basically his snooze button. Ha! 

We had Drew's class guinea pig over the weekend, 
so I get Mr. Tiger's stuff together.
We ran out of hay so I gave him a lot of fruit {not great}.

7:10 AM - Trent is up! He is real fast to get ready because he wants as much time in bed as possible.

He promised a friend he would wear his wearable blanket to school today!
He is his father's son and hates posing for blog pics, so I had to sneak them!

7:30 AM - We leave! It takes 10 minutes to get to school and get the kids dropped off. I'm home by 8:00 and have just enough time to make coffee before calls begin.

8:05 AM - And the calls start!

I didn't go to Starbucks today so had to pose with just my regular mug.

My father-in-law came by mid-morning to bring us leftovers and cranberry tea, so I had to get a snack.

More computer work...all day...every day...

Today's afternoon background noise brought to you by...
my 3rd or 4th rewatch of Grimm!

2:30 PM - Make a smoothie for lunch, keep working...

3:10 PM - Time to leave and get the kiddos! It takes me about 10 minutes to get to the kids' school, and I'm usually back home about 4:00, but there have been a lot of absences, so it was a little quicker today.

3:50 PM - We're home!

Trent is trying to hide - you can see his hand by Drew's head ha

3:55 PM - Drew hurt her finger in PE so we iced it and she got some cranberry tea too.

These 2 have been on a wrestling kick lately.

4:10 PM - Paige helps me make cornbread to go along with the soup Brent's dad brought over. She LOVES to help bake.

Had to sneak a picture to prove Brent was here!

4:30 PM - Time for Paigey to get ready for gymnastics!

Posing with her cute fashion sense and braid

4:45 PM - Take Paige to gymnastics - she is loving it

5:30 PM - Gymnastics is over! Head home to do all the nighttime things.


6:30 PM - Divide and conquer the girls! Brent reads to Paige, and I read to Drew.

How cute are they together?

Starting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!!!!!!!

Me and my girls

My guys...watching sports probably {grin}

Sidenote: On a recent Blog Friend Book Club zoom, we were talking about teen/pre-teen boys and how they like to stay in their rooms all the time. That made me feel better because sometimes I worry about HOW MUCH TIME Trent spends in his room!

7:30 PM - Time to put Paige to bed! We snuggle and then I sit in her room until she falls asleep. [I laughed looking back at her 4 year write-up...where I said I was going to work on NOT being in her room while she falls asleep. A year later, we're still in the same boat.]

8:00 PM - Time for me to read! I finish the latest Nora Roberts book, it was okay.

8:30 PM - Time to start the next one!

9:00 PM - I shower, it's been a long day! Read some more, hang out with Brent, play on my phone...

10:50 PM - I have been up for a LONG time, it is time for bed!

Now here's hoping I don't forget to do this for another year, so...until next time!


Natasha said...

Two things:

1) You barely ate.

2) You barely slept.

Thus, you are insane :) Love our BFBC discussions!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love these posts! Have you not read educated yet? I'm so curious to know your thoughts! You would be proud of me...since I have not been running i've gotten mushy..ha so last week made a goal to get up and to the M-Thurs 5:30 am class and im on week 2! I've gotten back into Body attack and am loving it again (kinda). That soup looks delish! We are reading The people you meet on vacation-have you read it? its cute so far. miss you!

Emily said...

I had a chuckle at your kids being on a "wrestling kick." All-boy houses like mine are on permanent wrestling kicks from the time they can move to ... I guess when they move out? My friend who has 1 boys and 2 girls like you had my kids over and kept texting about how much they wrestle and I'm like "yeah, welcome to boy life."

Emily said...

PS - Also thought you already read Educated?