Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Oscars 2018: Fashion Police!

The Oscars have come and gone! I enjoyed the show, thought Jimmy Kimmel was a great host, and was happy with the results. If you are interested, Karen does a great play-by-play that I always enjoy reading. 

I didn't get to watch very much of the red carpet coverage - instead, I had the glamorous task of taking 3 children to the grocery store! But I did watch the entire show and looked online today and definitely have my favorites and least favorites. I also have some I'm not sure about, ha, so I thought I'd share all 3 categories. I focused on people I knew, so there are some celebs I didn't know or others there {ahem, Lindsey Vonn - yuck} I left off of here. So here we go!

Let's start with the category I call 'Hmmm...' Some I was on the fence about, some underwhelmed but not bad, some that confused me, you get the picture.

Allison Williams
I thought she looked really nice, but the color washed her out.
And her hair and makeup were blah. I think if her makeup were more vibrant, I wouldn't think the dress washed her out so much.

Emily Blunt
The shoulder 'poofs'/neck frill on this are too much. 
Without that I would like much better - still wouldn't love I don't think but would like a lot more.

Emma Stone
I like that Emma is always taking risks without going crazy.
I just don't love this and really don't like the pink bow.

Gal Gadot
She is beyond beautiful, and I just don't love this. I want to be WOWed by her, so this was just kind of an underwhelmed. I feel like the weight of the metal and then the layers overwhelm her slight frame? I don't know...

Nicole Kidman
I almost love this, but the bow throws me off. When she was onstage I thought it looked better, but it just looks so young! And she's so skinny, it's too big.

Sandra Bullock
I love Sandra Bullock but still don't know what I think about this.
Anyone able to help me out?

Saoirse Ronan
This is one that underwhelms me. There's nothing wrong with it,
but I expect perfection from Saoirse after some of what I've seen before. Womp, womp.

Now here are my favorites - in no particular order until the last 3!

Ashley Judd
It isn't that I am blown away by this dress, but I love the color and 
think she looks the best I've seen her in a long time.

Beanie Feldstein
I loved her character in Lady Bird and think she looks so great.
Her dress is unique and fits her really well. Plus, I love her hair and makeup.

Betty Gabriel
I love the color of this dress, love that she is doing inner cleavage the right way
(you guys know how I feel about bad boobies), love her hair, overall love it.

Elisabeth Moss
This is the best I've seen Elisabeth! Her makeup looks great with the pale dress, I love how feminine the dress is, love it all!

Helen Mirren
She is SUCH a style icon! There is nothing about this you can fault. LOVE HER!

Mary J. Blige
This fits her like a glove, the color looks beautiful, love her jewels, everything. 

Meryl Streep
I feel like she looks frumpy usually, so this was a homerun.
The only downside is there were A LOT of red, long-sleeved dresses.

Octavia Spencer
I really think she might be the winner of awards season. Every dress I've seen Octavia in has been beautiful. She knows how to dress her body, how to mix it up at each show, how to accessorize. She is one of my faves always!

And my Top 3:

 Lupita Nyong'o
I can't get over how beautiful she is and how great this fits her.
I don't know why I love this black/gold combo when I'm not sure about Sandra,
but I just oooh and aaaa over this look!

Jennifer Lawrence
There is nothing about this you can fault - it fits her perfectly, her hair and makeup look amazing, there is nothing similar - love it!

Jennifer Garner
 And my #1 - JUST AMAZING!!!

And here are my 'What were they thinking?' looks!

Margot Robbie
She looks like a wedding cake tier/cheap prom dress. Also her hair is so yucky - 
the roots are bad and it looks like she made zero effort. She is so gorgeous, this is sad.

Maya Rudolph
I don't think I need to explain this one!

Sally Hawkins
Here's my issue with this - all actresses look too skinny. Sally looks anorexic here. Her head looks too big for her body and this dress hangs like a potato sack. When she was onstage she kept wiping her nose, and I kept thinking 'Oh she must do cocaine and that explains her emaciated frame.' Isn't that sad?

Salma Hayek
Seriously, what is this?!?!

Whoopi Goldberg
I want to give Whoopi some credit for wearing color and branching out...but no.
Just no.

What were your favorites of the night?


Kelly said...

LOVE Betty Gabriel and Jennifer Lawrence...they just look like perfection. These are my favorite posts!

Emily said...

As usual, I agree with all of your assessments! Emily Blunt - why is she trying to look like a Victorian toy soldier? Emma Stone looks like girls night out versus Oscars. When I used to watch Fashion Police way back when, they would say you need to dress the event. The Oscars are not for pants. I think this outfit would have been like a Teen Choice Awards. Gal Gadot - my problem is all boobs. In the movie she looks curvy and sexy; here she looks like an underdeveloped preteen! Sandra Bullock - ugh, I don’t know either. I see it and just think Cleopatra. My favorites were Jennifer Gardner (like WOW) and the figure skater Mirai Nagasu. I love Olympic figure skating so much (it’s the only part of the olympics I watch besides the opening ceremony) and I loved that Mirai was so outstanding while the more popular Olympian Lindsay Vonn was just GAG.

Anonymous said...

You know I rely on you to see all the dresses! Your worsts are spot on - terrible!Liked Jennifer Garner’s dress - she looked more made up than I am ysed to seeing her. The pale pinks - I like them in theory, but it seens few people can pull them off! You are the best for always doingbthis post! - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

I honestly don't know half the people you commented on but i was not a fan of jennifer lawrence's dress..ha! The other jennifer tho-yes! Maya-ummm really?? Lupita's dress reminded me of egyptian times..but shes so pretty! Octavia-spot on! You also wonder those people who got tattoos on their arms and then they were a designer gown if they ever think..hmm guess i shouldnt have done that..you may look good in the dress but then when i see your tattoos it just takes away (imo). there were also WAY too many big bows..whats the deal?!