Friday, March 16, 2018

Five on Friday

Wet Brush

This brush is so amazing for little girl tangles. Drew gets her hair so tangled because she twirls it constantly. Plus her hair is really thin and fine and tangles enough without her twirling. The Wet brush untangles it so easily without hurting her head. We love it!

HEB Curbside

Our grocery store does delivery and curbside pickup! I haven't tried delivery, but almost weekly I do curbside pickup. I go online, fill up my cart, select my time slot, and pick up my groceries. I do pay $5 for the service and there is a 3% fee per item, so you might think it's not worth it, but I find I stay on budget better when I'm not in the store adding random things to my cart. I had to go to the store for the first time in months and with all 3 kids...reminded me that the fee is TOTALLY worth it for more than 1 reason. WE LOVE IT!

Elderberry Syrup

I made elderberry syrup this year using THIS recipe. Our doctor recommended using it when the kids are sick, but it's pretty expensive when you consider how quickly you can use a bottle when you have 3 kids. Making it was super easy AND made a huge batch. Plus I still have enough elderberry leftover {ordered from Amazon} to make it several more times.


Guys. I had never tried pomegranate before this winter. What rock have I been living under? This might be my favorite fruit EVER. AND it has amazing health benefits! Paige loves it too, and we can go through a container very quickly. Am I the only dumb person who had never eaten it before?

Dell Match Play

Next week, Brent and I plus 5 other couples are going to the Dell Match Play at the Austin Country Club. Brent went last year, but I wasn't ready to leave Paige. I'm so excited for this year! And let's be real - not really at all about the golf but about the eating, drinking, and hanging out with my girlfriends! One friend asked Brent how long we'd stay at the tournament and Brent said (and I quote) 'When the girls get too drunk.' HA! Luckily a shuttle will be driving us and we're staying in a hotel for the night. GLORIOUS!

Look at that view from of the 360 bridge!


Emily said...

I have a mini wet brush in our mudroom for super quick run-out-the-door-touch ups. It’s a great brush even for grownups! It’s funny you love pomegranate. I love the flavor but the actual seeds aren’t very appealing. I wish they were bigger, is that silly? Probably. Adam and I are going to the BMW Chsmpionship golf tournament and I’m excited for the food, weather, and drinking lol. Years ago (like, way before Aaron) we went to a PGA tournament where at the time they banned cellphones. It was one of my favorite days. A forced disconnect from the technology world! I was so bummed when we went to the US Open in 2013 and they allowed cellphones!

Natasha said...

Our hairdresser recommended the Wet Brush for Rachel's hair and although it was more than I'd ever spent on a brush it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! I would highly recommend this brush -- it completely revolutionized our mornings.

And we LOVE pomegranates around here -- Sam and I especially. I just wish they weren't so much work to eat.