Thursday, February 1, 2018

Buttercup Fluffy's 5th Birthday Bunny Party

We had Drew's 5th birthday party over the weekend! Brent thinks I'm crazy for waiting so many weeks after her actual birthday, but I'm trying to put a little separation between the girls' birthdays and Christmas. We had Paige's birthday party at the beginning of December, then Christmas, then Drew's party at the end of January. I want them to feel like they get to celebrate Christmas AND their birthdays and not a combined event. It might be silly, but I think it's important!

Anyway, back to Drew's party! One of her favorite things to do is pretend to be a bunny rabbit named Buttercup Fluffy, so we didn't really have a theme, but I incorporated her favorite color (pink) and favorite animal (bunny). We had some friends from school, neighborhood friends, and family come, and we had great weather, so we spent a lot of time outside which was so nice.

The kids LOVE balloons and especially the big number, so I had to get those!

The party was from 2-4, so we just did light snacks.

Bunny cupcakes - thank you Pinterest!

These were super easy to make, except I had some big drama - I did everything except the ears Friday night and had the cupcakes all in my cupcake carrier. I guess they got humid in there and when I started putting the ears on, the icing/faces started sliding off a couple of them. I FREAKED out but just stopped and put the cupcakes in the fridge and got the faces/icing firm again and whew got all the ears back on!

I might make these for Easter this year too!

About to sing to the birthday girl (except she already blew out the candles ha)

Pretending to blow out her candles


Opening presents

This one wasn't feeling too good - I think she had another ear infection - 
but she sure is cute, isn't she? {grin}

Drew with my niece, Blair (L), and her bestie from school, Brooklyn
Drew was wearing her adorable bunny dress and she and Blair decided to change into their gymnastics leotards - sigh.

This bounce house was money well spent - 2 years and counting!

Our 5 year old - I can't believe it! SOB!

Trent refused to take a family picture and Paige wasn't letting anyone but me hold her
So Drew and her daddy, LOVE LOVE LOVE

Me with my girls before Paige got put to bed - my heart is completely gone

A walk down memory lane...


1st birthday

Turning 2!

3rd birthday - a trip to Build-a-Bear

Silly 4-year-old

I seriously can't believe Drew will be in kindergarten next year and what an amazing little lady she is - we have her well-check today, so I'll have to do yet another post {ha} to talk all about this little sassy pants, but needless to say we loved celebrating our middle firecracker!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Drew!!! -AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

aww how has it been 5 years! I know I was reading your blog before then but I vividly remember becoming closer friends when you were blogging about your pregnancy with Drew :)

Emily said...

I’m extremely impressed by those rabbit cupcakes!!! My Pinterest skills entail ordering a cake from the grocery store.