Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Last 24

Well, I am back from Chicago. Had a great time meeting my co-workers, the meetings we had were fantastic for talking about the future of our organization with some really great leaders, and Brent and the kids rocked life without me. BUT...the last 24 hours or so are worth sharing in detail because sometimes you just gotta laugh...and blog about it. {grin}

6:00 PM - Arrive at the airport for my 8:00 PM flight. Get through security - always a fun experience and adding 30 ounces of breastmilk to the mix is an added pleasure. Find out my flight is delayed until 11:00 PM. Womp, womp.

6:45 PM - I was hoping to just push through and not pump until I got home, but knowing my flight was delayed 3 isn't going to happen. Try to pump in a family bathroom because my flight is in Concourse A and the Mother's Room is in Concourse C - how is there only 1 room? But I get interrupted after less than 10 minutes by a woman in a wheelchair needing to go to the bathroom. The kicker? Aunt Flow has returned after an 18-month hiatus, and I am 0% prepared - isn't that just the icing on the cake?

7:00 PM - Double check at my gate that I didn't misread something - yup, flight is truly delayed 3 hours. Go pump sitting in a stall in a regular bathroom. Enjoy one lady next to me who is farting up a storm.

7:30 PM - 11:20 PM - Read, buy snacks, find a vending machine with Aunt Flow products, talk with other passengers, calculate how much sleep I'll get, get ice for my milk, clean out my email inbox {get it down from over 600 to 35!}...all such super exciting stuff!

11:20 PM - We take off for Austin! Get more ice for my milk because what I had from before has melted and leaked all in my suitcase. I try to sleep the whole flight and am pretty successful.

1:30 AM - Land in Austin. Walk a million miles to my car, stop to get gas {of course I'm way past E}, drive the 45 minutes home.

2:45 AM - Get home! Best feeing in the whole world. Find roses from Brent {pink! my favorite!}, a note from Trent and a drawing from Drew. Cue the waterworks!

Trent's note said: Dear mom, hope you had a great trip we missed you! We got flowers for you thanks for being my mom. Love Trent

3:20 AM - Finally get in bed!

6:30 AM - Alarm goes off. BOOOOOOO. Get up, get kids up and get them ready for school. Trent comes out of his room with a blazing stye, so we decide to keep him home since those suck. Paige has her 9-month well check, and Drew wants to come along since Trent is now getting to go.

8:15 AM - Well check for Paige! I love these appointments so much since I am such a stats nerd. Today should have been her 9-month post, but this post was needed, ha. Leaving the well-check realize Aunt Flow has overflowed. Super. While making a u-turn due to road construction, I hit a traffic cone and get it lodged under my car. A random stranger pulls over to help me get it out. Take D to school, but decide to bring P home for a good morning nap.

12:15 PM - Load T and P up because Trent is starting with a new behavioral therapist today. Take P to school and go to T's therapy appointment. Also, go to Academy to get him new tennis shoes and Drew some soccer shorts.

3:00 PM - Get D and P from school.

4:30 PM - Leave for D's soccer practice. 

5:30 PM - During practice, Trent's eye looks worse. We'd been doing warm compresses and I had him take some omega-3, but there isn't much else to do for a stye... I was kind of surprised it looked worse, so I texted a picture to our eye doctor {her older daughter and Drew are besties at school}. She lets me know she thinks it's infected and to bring Trent in for an appointment in the morning because he probably needs oral antibiotics. 

6:30 PM - When we're home keep texting with our doc, and she suggests giving him antibiotic eye drops first which we have some leftover from Trent's eye infection in the summer. Keep doing warm compresses on the couch, repeat eye drops at bedtime.

9:00 PM - Trent in bed, eye still looks awful. :(

Isn't that a super fun last day???


Anonymous said...

That eye looks terrible! Poor kid. What a day!!!! Glad everyone survived with Mom out of town. - AP

Erika said...

OMG this is hilarious. My favorite part was the memorable lady in the stall next to you, farting up a storm. HAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Emily said...

(Another post I’ve been trying to comment on and failing!) I’ve somehow never ever pumped in a bathroom which is pretty impressive given that I pumped from 8 weeks to a year (and past that for work trips) and never once ended up in a bathroom haha