Monday, September 11, 2017

Soccer, Splash Pads, Swinging, Sturgill, Selfies, and Swopes

I think if we had crammed any more into this weekend, we would have had our heads explode! We had a great weekend for sure, but it was super busy!

First up, we signed the big kids up for soccer, and they had practice on Saturday to meet their coaches and teams. Brent and I divided and conquered because we also had Beau's birthday party in the middle of their soccer practices, so I took the girls with me, and he took Trent to his practice.

Drew spreading out to do some soccer drills (second from the left)!
4-year-olds are too cute

Beau's party was at a splash pad across town, so we left soccer practice early to make it late to the party, ha.

There was a park next to the splash pad, so of course, Paige had to do some swinging.

Superhero Drew

Singing to the birthday girl!

Brent took this pic of T looking so enthused for practice.

Saturday night, Brent and I went to a Sturgill Simpson concert. The venue was about an hour from our house, and there were 18 people going, so we rented a van to shuttle us there and back.

Neighbors who are also close friends are the best!


We didn't get home until about 1:30, and Paige decided to make Saturday night a party for us from 2:00 - 3:00, so I was NOT ready to get up Sunday morning!

I love finding evidence of the kids' shenanigans on my phone!

My mom told me on Saturday {she and my dad watched the kids during the concert} that my sister and her kids were coming over on Sunday, so we asked to crash their party. We hadn't seen them since my birthday!

Sweet cousins!
And a rite of passage for Paige - riding in the red car!!!

Drew's newest pose cracks me up!

And another first for Paige - a big kid bath at Babs and Pops'!

See? A very busy weekend indeed!


Emily said...

I crack up at the last photo because the effort I've made to get photos of my kids in the bath (or just running around naked, because that happens too) without any "inappropriate stuff showing" is nearly impossible haha.

Kathryn Bagley said...

I need P to stop growing...she will be walking before I get to see her!