Monday, September 25, 2017

Grow Baby Grow {Paige} - 9 Months

We had such a busy month with Ms. Paige! I can't believe she's 9 months old - the last 3 months have really flown by, and she's changed so much. This month the list of new skills is amazing!!

Weight: 17 pounds, 3.5 ounces {25-50%}*
Length: 27.5" {50%}
Head circumference: 43.5 cm {40%}
Clothes size: 6-9 months or 6-12 months
Diapers: size 3 in disposables, 1 snap up and 1-2 snaps open in cloth
Hair: dirty blonde {she might be my lightest}
Eyes: same blue/brown/green/gray hazel as the other 2 but WAY more blue

*Paige was consistently weighing about 1 pound more than Drew {sticking with the birth weight difference}, but this month, that gap narrowed to about 5 ounces which surprises me. I did note in Drew's well check at 9 months she was weighed with her diaper on, but that wouldn't account for THAT much of a weight change. So this surprised me this month!

This has been a big month for Paige with lots of new tricks! She can wave, clap, sign, mimic, blow raspberries, stand unassisted {WHAT?} - See? New tricks!

I would say there are 2 main things to note about Paige: First, she is just the absolute sweetest girl! We get so many comments on how sweet she is, how smiley, she is truly JOY personified. Second, this girl LOVES food. She is always down to eat, starts kicking her legs with excitement when I open the fridge...I think her favorite place is her chair at the kitchen island, ha.

Speaking of food, she eats so much and has never turned her nose up at anything. We've added meat to her diet this month! She's had spaghetti with zoodles, deer breakfast sausage, and grilled chicken. She's had rice, a tiny bit of pasta, beans, a couple of cracker sticks, but we've mainly still stuck with fruits, veggies, and simple proteins {like eggs}. Very little carbs and only a teeny amount of dairy {a tiny piece of a cheese stick}. Her teachers at school comment on what a great eater she is, too! She eats usually 3 meals a day, although breakfast on weekdays is usually just some fruit since she's not up for very long before we leave. I've also learned the way to keep her happy in the car - I pass her raisins, ha!

Paige still loves water! Anytime I turn on water - washing dishes or her diapers - she tries to jump in. She loves her baths or being in the shower with Brent or me.

She loves her siblings - especially Trent. I think Drew is sometimes an accidental tormenter a little too often still, ha. She and Trent have a special song I made up that they dance to before bed, and Paige will jump out of my arms to get into Trent's when I start singing 'their' song. I love it!

Paige sleeps pretty good. This month she slept through the night EIGHT times with a 5-night streak! This brings her total to 10, so month 9 was huge! Bedtime fluctuates a lot based on day of the week - she sleeps so much more at home than at school, so on school nights bedtime is sometimes as early as 6:00 and on weekends can be as late as 8:00. It's also hit or miss whether she'll go right to sleep or cry and need extra help falling asleep.

Another tooth {top right} broke through bringing Paige's total teeth to 3 - so cute!

Paige is not nearly as interested in nursing as Drew was. Paige's nursing habits revolve around sleep - either before bed or just when waking up. If I try to nurse her any other time, it ain't happening. So on the weekend, it's usually about 4-5 nursing sessions.

She is still consistently napping twice a day - about every 2.5 hours. At school, naps are 30 minutes {ugggggh}, but at home, they are easily 2 hours.

Paige signs 'all done' and understands when I sign 'more' and 'water' and 'eat'/'food'. She is still saying 'ma-ma', 'ba-ba', and 'da-da', but I still don't think she's associating any of it.

We are having such a blast with Paige, but she really needs to slow down this growing up business!