Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Emmy Fashion 2017

I didn't watch much of the Emmy's because I don't watch that much TV anymore {am I 37 or 87, not sure}, but I did catch maybe the last hour or so and was excited by Sterling K. Brown's win {I watch This is Us!} and The Handmaid's Tale/Elizabeth Moss since that was a book club book {even if I haven't seen the show}, and Nicole Kidman's win for Big Little Lies {another one where I've read the book but haven't yet watched the show...but plan to!}. 

However, you know I was scouring the internet for the Red Carpet pictures! And sadly, I didn't recognize a lot of the people...I felt like my granny who had a subscription to The National Inquirer until the day she died, but as she got older she didn't know a lot of the celebrities, ha. So I decided to just focus on who I think was Best and Worst Dressed. The one caveat was I had to either know your name or recognize you - if I had no clue who they were, I just didn't care enough to include them! It's my list, so it's my rules.

Best Dressed
{In no particular order, except my #1 pick}

The Top 10 Runners Up

10. Claire Foy
The Emmy's is the place to go out on a limb a little. I like that Claire wore pants but also wasn't doing something crazy. Love the sparkly knot and her red lips for some color.

9. Emmy Rossum
This dress fits her so well - she looks super feminine and just pretty. I love the green accessories that don't take away from the simple beauty of the gown but add just a little something. 

8. Issa Rae
At first the sleeves threw me off, and I didn't love it. But with time, it grew on me {again this is the place for something unique}, and it fit her perfectly and the color couldn't have been better.

7. Jane Fonda
She's in her 80s people. She looks amazing. I love the bright color!

6. Kiernan Shipka
I am a sucker for a Grecian-inspired dress. She looks so beautiful - the dress is simple, I love the little bit of sparkle, no issues with cleavage, simple hair. Love.

5. Lea Michele
She was the first picture I saw and I just thought 'Bam, nailed it.'

4. Millie Bobby Brown
If she just isn't the most adorable little thing, I don't know what is!

3. Nicole Kidman
I think she looks really good, but I also think she's looked so bad for so many awards shows I got excited by this for NOT being bad! I like that it is a bit shorter, I like how it fits her, love her hair and the little details. 

2. Thandie Newton
Very feminine, love the little bit of sparkle, mostly happy with the fit {small boob issue}, looks amazing with her skin, very nice.

1. Yara Shadidi
Again just a great fit, color looks great on her skin, a little unique, simple hair and make-up...overall just very nice!

And my absolute favorite of the night...
Jessica Biel!

This was so unique, fit her AMAZING, love her hair {simple yet not}, make-up is awesome, leg is gorgeous, no boob issues, clutch and accessories are perfect. Totally 100% flawless!

And now...

Worst Dressed

10. Ariel Winter
We do not need 2 leg slits that go ALLLL the way up - WE GET IT, YOU AREN'T THE NERD YOU PLAY ON TV. PUT YOUR BODY AWAY.

9. Ellie Kemper
The sheer panel at the bottom kills me. I think I would have been happy if it had just been knee-length - it's still too busy at the top but at least it wouldn't have been so bad.

8. Heidi Klum
She's becoming the new J. Lo for me - if I see this much of her body again...I might lose it.

7. Kathryn Hahn
This is just a sack that does nothing for her.

6. Reese Witherspoon
Something about this isn't right. It's like the material is too thick to really work as a dress? I just felt like this doesn't fit right. And I HATE her hair - her roots are bad and her hair looks yellow. So sad.

5. Uzo Aduba
The boobs kill me. It's like torpedo boob overflowing the top. It's how I look in some of my nursing tanks, so trust me, I know it's not a good look!

4. Zoe Kravitz

3/2/1. Sarah Paulson, Priyanka Chopra, Tracee Ellis Ross
Sarah's 1980s prom dress married Priyanka's feather dress and together they birthed Tracee's metallic feather disaster! Yuck, yuck, yuck!

There you have it...my highs and lows for the Emmy's! What made YOUR lists?

For me, the highlight of the Emmys is it means Oscar season is right around the corner, so Allison and I have lots of ecxiting movies to see in the coming months...yay!


Kathryn Bagley said...

OMG so many feathers!! Seriously, what's the deal! LOVED Jessica's dress!

Emily said...

I’ve tried twice to comment on this but my new iPhone keeps signing me out of blogger grr. So here we go again. I agree with all except I think Nicole Kidman’s dresss got shrunk in the dryer and I don’t like how Jessica Biel’s dress works with her boobs. It kind of pulls that apart in a weird way. But generally she looks good, just maybe -#5

Anonymous said...

I actually like Zoe's dress. I can hardly believe it myself.

Nicole Kidman has killed it all year! She looks so good.

I love Emmy and Thandie too. I have to agree on Mrs. Timberlake. She usually gets it so wrong, but she looks fantastic.

I like Jane's dress, but the ponytail and bangs are too young for her even if she does look flawless in her 80's.

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment on Ariel. Someone needs to help that girl. I know she's had a lot of family issues. She had to get a breast reduction and has put up with a lot of body shaming being in the public eye. But PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! She continues to dress so inappropriately, not just for her age but in general.

Karen Peterson said...

I hope this is Nicole returning to the best dressed lists because she used to just kill it.