Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Currently: Christmas Countdown

Current Book

Blog Friend Book Club pick for November!

Current Song

Christmas carols allllllll day around here!
Current view from my desk!

Current TV Show

I just finished this and loved it!

I'm also getting caught up on The Crown - I never finished Season 5, oops!

Current Audiobook/Podcast

This episode is an interview with my neighbor whose husband had a mental health episode and shot her 6 times and then took his own life in 2021. I hadn't heard of this podcast before but it focuses on mental health for our military {my neighbor was in the Army}, and I think this is an amazing cause!

Current Drink

Texts between me and my mother-in-law when Holiday cups started. {grin}
Current Food

Not going overboard but enjoying these!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I might be enjoying the Holiday cups a little much lately...

Current Outfit

Workout clothes but at least a pretty background!
{And didn't even mean for my Starbucks ornament to be in the background ha}

Current Celebrity Crush

I did mention I just watched the Beckham documentary? {grin}

Current Mood

I still feel like I have a little bit of a holiday tired.
BUT excited for the next few weeks!
And really wanting to soak it all in and for it to go by slowly!

Current Anticipation

Where to even start? Ha!
- 2.5 weeks until Winter Break!
- My new niece or nephew coming ANY DAY NOW!
- Paige turning 7!
- Christmas!

Current Wishlist

I'm actually in really good shape with Christmas shopping!
Just need to get a few more things and I'll be all set.
So I guess my biggest wish is for my niece or nephew to get here soon!!!

Current Movie

We took the kiddos to see Trolls Band Together with our friends!

Current Picture


Natasha said...

Clearly I'm eating all your vegetables and you're drinking all my holiday cups! I've only had one thus far this year! Hahahahahaha!!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love the tree!