Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Noom Check-in: 9 Months!

 I have been using Noom for just over 9 months and figured it was time for another check-in. My last update was in June, and honestly, not much has changed - for good and bad! So let me explain what I mean by that. {grin}

The Good:
  • I am still consistently using the app every day and earning my coins. I hit the highest level 'Noom Wizard' at the end of October ha. Now I focus on earning my coins for getting 'Treat Days'.
  • Working out is consistent. This isn't new, but I always want to acknowledge it given I went so long without consistently working out. There were times this felt so insurmountable and now it's something I do almost every day.
  • I'm finding it easier to make better food choices and learning how to live a more balanced life. Going out to eat, enjoying a treat day and getting back on track, choosing when to splurge vs. always splurging, ha.
  • A scale victory I'm very excited about - I'm back in my pre-pregnancy jeans from Paige!
The Bad:
  • Now this bad could also be a good, and I'm trying to view it as so: I've basically been in a plateau since the summer...UGH. The upside of this is I've maintained about 20 pounds of weight loss {15-20 depending on the week ha}, but given I'd like to lose another 10...it's a bit frustrating.
  • I could still use some work on more greens and less oranges...processed food man.
Bottom line - Noom is working for me, and I plan to continue using it! I have my treat days set through December and am excited to tackle the last of my weight loss in the New Year. 

I think you can really see the weight loss in my face here.
Doesn't hurt that I'm standing next to my VERY pregnant sister, ha.


Natasha said...

Way to go on the working out consistently. That's a great habit! I can send you some of our greens -- I'm feeling like we have A LOT of them right now!