Monday, July 31, 2023

July Fun

It's hard to top our trip to Arizona, but we managed to have a lot of fun after we returned throughout July. I can't believe August is next week and school starts in 2 weeks, ahhhhhhh!

The day after we came back was July 4, so of course, we had to participate in the neighborhood golf cart parade. We did about 10 minutes of decorating and got up there as quickly as we could - that 2 hour time difference is no joke!

Only picture I took of the parade, oops!

Some of our friends came over and we hit up the pool and then had a potluck dinner and sparkers to round out the night. It's so fun doing life with friends you've had for literally decades!

Keaton and Paige - the 2 littlest girls with the biggest personalities!

One of our Summer Bucket List goals was a night of golf and dinner at the club. It's been so awful with the heat that we turned that into hitting golf balls and dinner.

Three little golfers who got real hot and whiny

Trent is super into a card game called YuGiOh and a local {well local-ish} gaming store has tournaments! Brent's nephew, Branden, is also into YuGiOh, so he came with us. Trent had a blast!

The Gurley cousins!

Super successful at keeping her in her bed!

A very nice surprise from Brent!

Who wants a fun story about books? There was an author event in my little town with Katherine Center {whose books I very much enjoy}, but I couldn't go because I had plans with a friend for a wine night. Well, Drew was attending a creative writing workshop at the bookstore that was hosting the event. When I went to pick her up, the author was there signing books ahead of the event! I was able to buy the book, get her to personalize, and then we chatted together for 5 minutes. SO AWESOME!

Oh you know, just a picture with an amazing author!

That same night Drew started practice with her basketball team, yay!
So excited she's trying something new!

Previously mentioned Wine Night!

We also kept our neighbor's dog, Sarge, for 4 days when they went to the beach. The kids are gaga for Sarge, and he was so good! Getting us ready for our dog...hopefully next summer!

Enjoying his first pup cup!

Brent was out of town for a golf tournament when we had Sarge, so I had bed partners!

My niece was also baptized in July! See, I told y'all it was a busy month!

And we had lunch after the Baptism service.

Babs and Pops, the OGs

The Swope Six!

I ended up bringing my niece and nephews home with us to have a Cousin Sleepover {another Bucket List item}, and the kids had a blast.

Nothing better than reading a book while the kids swim!

I made a gourmet dinner of chicken strips, french fries/tater tots, apples and carrots!

My buddy while I worked on Monday. XO

Another day we met up with Sarge's family {ha!} and had lunch and went to a local frozen treat place. Paige had the 'Let's Go Party' milkshake - a cotton candy and bubble gum milkshake with whipped cream and sprinkles, and it came with hot pink sunglasses!

Another day, another dog walk. But this time with the puppy of the family Trent walks for.

Before and After of Paige's fun eyeshadow - 
doesn't she look like she partied too hard after waking up?

The girls love when other instructors let them get on stage!

Me taking notes during a YuGiOh lesson, ha

Gosh, I'm exhausted after reminiscing over our July! I'm usually ready for school to start, but I'm not there yet. We are having the best summer!