Thursday, July 27, 2023

Currently: I Live on the Face of the Sun

Current Book

I devoured this in about 24 hours. Huge 5 star read from me!

Current Song

Left and Right - Charlie Puth and Jung Kook {from BTS}
Anyone shocked it's a song I discovered in Jazzercise

Current TV Show

Rewatching this - I love this show so much!

Current Audiobook/Podcast

Current Drink

Nothing new to report here, every day I have some combination of:
-a chai
-lots of water
-a Zyng drink
-Diet Ginger beer

Current Food

Brent's trying some meals from Factor 75 and I've had a few and they are SO good!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Have you ever had these? I can't stop eating them!

Current Outfit

I'm going to the dentist today, so I'm wearing real clothes!
Brent was really confused when he saw me getting dressed, ha.

Current Celebrity Crush


Current Mood

I am shocked that school starts in less than 3 weeks!
We have had such a good summer, and I'm not ready!!

Current Anticipation

We have 1 last summer getaway coming up that I'm super excited about.
AND my birthday is next week, yay!

Current Wishlist

So stupid...but I really want a Bogg bag!

Current Movie

Since I've seen Barbie {review coming soon!}, I guess this will be next!

Current Picture

Love when other instructors are so sweet to my girls!


Natasha said...

I kind of want a Bogg bag too but I don't know what I'd use it for!!!

Emily said...

My whole pool crew got bogg bags this year (we coordinated different colors of course) and here’s my general review: the actual bag mold is great. The buttons clasps are garbage. BUT their customer service is top notch. Good-bad-good. The first day, one of the pocket buttons shattered. I emailed customer service and they immediately shipped me three replacements, yay. But then the big handle button is starting to go and I have to be careful how I pick it up or it’ll pop off and I have to take a minute to reattach. That said, I am using my bogg every single day so it’s getting a lot of wear and tear but still, I’m a little disappointed that after 5 weeks at the pool, the handle is not withstanding the use. I bought extra pockets for the sides because they are pretty (I got pastel stripes) but you could make do with individual loose bags. (Of course my first blog comment in ages is just a product review)

Kathryn Bagley said...

Have you seen Revenge? I'm watching it now on Hulu and OMG it's so good! Factor 75 has been showing up on my fb newsfeed so hmmmm!