Friday, January 20, 2023

6 Year Comparisons

Where is the time going that I'm comparing my kids at 6?!?! I know I'm biased, but this sure is a good-looking crop of 6-year-olds. {grin}

Height: 45" {42%}
Weight: 44 pounds {31%}
BMI: 15.3 {46%}

Height: 42" {10%}
Weight: 37.4 pounds {10%}
BMI: 14.6 {31%}

Height: 43.5" {20%}
Weight: 39.2 pounds {17%}
BMI: 14.56 {30.75%}

I know BMI is an outdated/biased mode of measurement, but I do find it interesting that Paige and Drew's calculation is almost identical! AND that Trent had lost 3 teeth, Drew none, and Paige has lost 7! Genetics are fascinating and make my nerd heart so excited. {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

Such a big difference between boys and girls! I agree very interesting!

Natasha said...

I always think of Paige as so small but she's really not, compared to Drew at the same age...