Thursday, July 14, 2022

Some Summer Fun - June

I can't believe we have just about 1 more month of summer! We've had a really good time so far, and I wanted to share some of our adventures.

We started the summer with Brent and me getting Covid - that wasn't fun, ha. Then we had a great time in Houston with a work dinner for Brent's company.

Brent's company also does a family event at our local AAA baseball park. It was 80s themed and the kids humored me by posing with some of the props!

The kids get to play in a batting simulation and there is a photo booth which the girls monopolize - they have so much fun!

Birthday party fun with friends from school!

Shopping trip with my littlest love!

Posing with her favorite fruit {grin}

Happy 71st birthday, Babs!

We finished Harry Potter!

Isn't she too young to be losing all these teeth?

I love this stage of not having to get in the pool if I don't want.
And I love having a neighbor who lets my kids swim!

Making a birthday sign for Bubba!

Hello, Teenager!

Speaking of our teenager, he had such a 'teenager' birthday. He spent the night with Brent's parents and wanted to eat fast food and watch YouTube/play on his iPad all that's what he did! Last week, Brent took him and 2 friends to Kalahari {a local, indoor water park}, and I have zero pictures to document, sob!

So that's been our June of Summer Break 2022. I can't believe the year is half over and so is our summer!


Kathryn Bagley said...

love pool days! I also want to go to Kalahari at some point!