Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Currently: The Big Thaw

Current Book

Why yes, I AM reading another WW2 story.

I have SO MANY books checked out to me right now, 
I am going to have to read like a fiend to get through them all. Darn! {grin}

Current Song

Cover Me in Sunshine by P!nk and her daughter - the girls and I love it!

Current TV Show

Nothing new since I finished Bridgerton!
See the next answer for more about what has been consuming my brain space!

Current Podcast/Audiobook

I tried to limit my phone usage last week, so nothing new here either!
I'm about 25% through the audiobook version of A Breath of Snow and Ashes
and continue to listen to The Office Ladies when I have time!

I also spent SO MUCH TIME listening to Body Pump choreography over the last few weeks that ate up a lot of the time I would have spent listening to podcasts or audiobooks or watching shows.

BUT...good news there...I submitted my full set video yesterday!!

Current Drink

I've discovered a new mixed drink that I am LOVING!
Peach vodka
Simple syrup

I do no measurements and just pour until it tastes delicious.
Drank A LOT of this last week, haha.

Current Food

Brent and I had Sonic for lunch and it was heavenly.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Must stop stress-eating now that the stress is gone!

Current Outfit

I love these Old Navy joggers SO insanely much.
I wish I had 10 pairs of them.

Current Celebrity Crush

Some of our RBC crew had a baby in May, and they {rightfully so} have been extremely cautious of others. My kids FINALLY got to hold him and everyone died. Emmett has been the star of the show for a while and it was so fun to get to shower him with some much-deserved love!

Current Mood

I would say the predominant feeling right now is gratitude and relief.
Last week was NUTS, and I just continue to be thankful.

Current Anticipation

The kids haven't been in school in 11 days.
Very excited for them to return TODAY!

Current Wishlist

Landscaping services ha.
We have SO many tree limbs in the yard and rotted plants.

Current Movie

Brent and I watched this a few weeks ago.
It was good, not great. Although the ending was a bit wild!

I'm getting REALLY excited for this!

Current Picture

The prototype of the bodice for Drew's First Communion dress.
We weren't sure on sizing so my MIL cut this first, and it fits great!
Shopping trip coming up REAL soon to pick fabric.
I am SO excited!!


Erika said...

Haven't seen a lot of bare midriffs at First Communions before, that should be fun!! ;) hahahaha. I'm so impressed by anyone who can sew actual clothes!! The ingredients for that mixed drink are going on my shopping list- sounds amazing!!

Natasha said...

That mixed drink sounds amazing! We have to start stocking hard liquor in our house :) And YAY for getting your set video submitted!!! Also, you know I'm checking out that book.

Kathryn Bagley said...

can't wait to see her dress!! Also I'm behind on some of your earlier blogs..need to get to reading! ha

Emily said...

Do you mean joggers like pants because i literally cannot see the pants at all lol. But I like the shirt!