Monday, February 11, 2019

A Long and Winding Road

Well, another phase of my Mommy life is winding down. Paige and I are on the tail end of our breastfeeding journey. My goal with Paige was to nurse for 2 years and then wean down after that. So here we are - she's 2! 

I'm honestly ready {the last 6 months have been kind of trying for me with breastfeeding} but also it's another 'never going to happen again' motherhood experience for me. Last pregnancy, last birth story, last everything. Luckily, I knew going into everything with Paige that she would be our last, and I've felt so much peace about every 'last' with her. But this one is kind of the last of the 'baby' experiences, so I've been thinking about it a lot more.

In reality, it will be nice to 100% own my body again, to make our bedtime routine go faster, to not have any more wounds, to not ruin all my bras, etc., but it's also such an amazing experience, and I recognize how lucky I am to have had 3 extremely successful breastfeeding relationships.

I really want to make it another month or so and get winter behind us, so I'm not in a huge rush, but it's also weird the finality of all these lasts with Paige. Motherhood is such a huge bag of mixed emotions, am I right???

In the first update I did after Paige was born, when she was a week old, I joked about having 1 week of breastfeeding behind us and only 103 more to go. And here we are, past that mark and barreling toward a future of no more babies. Hold me!

I'm so thankful I have pictures from Paige's birth of our first time nursing together. I will cherish them forever.


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a special moment captured :)

Emily said...

The end is so bittersweet! I’m 100% with you - there’s great things (for me, I couldn’t lose weight breastfeeding so the end meant I could finally start to slim down) and really sad things (because nothing compares to nursing a baby). Your pictures are just beautiful and I wish I had some pictures like that of me!

Natasha said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. And I still remember the exact moments I breastfed Sam and Rachel for the last times. It was both sad and freeing.