Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Grow Baby Grow - Paige - 1 Week

Yay! It's time to start documenting the growth of our 3rd wee one. And I promise I am almost done with her birth story - I love documenting my kiddos entries into the world! We were able to escape the hospital after 24 hours, so we've been home since Thursday night and just working to find our new normal and acclimate the kids to Paige and Paige to life on the outside. {grin}

I had to make a deal with the hospital pediatrician that we'd go to Paige's pediatrician the morning after we got released so she could have 1 more glucose test {babies larger than 9 pounds have to have a series of blood tests to make sure they are regulating their blood sugar ok and the last one is at 36 hours, but I SO did not want to still be in the hospital for that one}. So we had an appointment Friday morning, and of course, Paige is doing great!

Using Drew's bear since poor Paige doesn't have her own stuffed animal.

Stats {from 2 day appt}:
Weight: 9 pounds, 7 ounces
Height: 20 inches {interesting given her measurement in the hospital was 21.5" but the nurse at the pedi said when they use a tape measure it's often off, and I watched her measure Paige in the pedi's office, and I agree with 20"}
Head circumference: 14" {hospital had 14.5"}
Diapers: size newborn...but barely
Clothes: size newborn...but barely
Nicknames: Girlfriend, Little Love, Sweet Pea, Chunk a Monk...and of course Smoochie/Smooch {which I think we all say more than Paige, and I jokingly told Brent she would probably never escape it!}

Right now she is sleeping swaddled in the rock 'n play in our room and doing good. She is a quiet sleeper {amazing}, so she stands a chance at not getting kicked out, ha. She might end up in our closet as a mini-nursery since her room is across the house...we shall see. We've been figuring out which swaddles work the best for her - I thought she would love the woombie style, but it seems to still let her hands bother her too much, so we've been using the Sleep sack swaddle and that seems to be much better - she was only up twice on Monday and Tuesday nights! Now I don't think we've lucked out and fully expect lots of crazy nights, but I'll gladly take any night of better sleep that she wants to give me!

Paige nurses like a champ, and I already have a healthy milk supply. My milk coming in wasn't nearly as painful as with Drew, and I think we're doing great! Such a blessing that I haven't had any breastfeeding problems. Just 103 more weeks until I reach my breastfeeding goal {grin}.

Trent and Drew are acclimating really well - for Trent it's kind of been a non-event. He likes holding Paige but can happily go about his business too. Drew is a little more interested but also a little more emotional about everything. Brent and I are working to make sure the big kids get some 1-on-1 time where possible.

Our sweet chunky monkey!

I am doing good too. I started taking all my PPA supplements within hours of Paige's birth and got my placenta on Saturday {'big and healthy', ha}. I do feel flutters of anxiety here and there but so far very minimal. I'm trying to be honest with myself about how I'm feeling so if I need more help I get it right away. Reading back on Drew's 1 week update, I was about in the same boat as I am now, so I don't want to assume I won't have any issues, but I do think I've adjusted better... Physically I feel good too - I only took pain meds for a couple of days {just ibuprofen} and my biggest complaint is my swollen feet!

No promises I won't do this repeatedly...and maybe with all 3 kiddos!


Anonymous said...

Happy 1 week Birthday, Paige!!! - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

shes so stinkin cute!