Friday, December 30, 2016

Paige's Birth Story - Part 2

Where I left off, I had pretty much thrown my birth plan out the window and had asked for an epidural. Dr. Campaigne and Ashley {the nurse} told me I had to have 2 bags of fluid before I could get the epidural, but I would get it as soon as possible, so Ashley began the fluids, and I began the longest 50 minutes of my life, ha.

At 2:30 PM, I asked Ashley how long she thought it would be, and she said she guessed a half hour. I knew she really didn't have a clear idea, but I needed something I could focus on. Brent continued to hold my hands, rub my back, be still when I needed to lean and just helped me keep myself together. Ashley and another nurse took turns encouraging me and telling me how good I was doing.

Finally, at 2:55 I had all my fluids, and Ashley let anesthesia know I was ready. She told me if they weren't there in 10 minutes, she'd call again. I asked if we could make it 5. {grin} The epidural man walked in just after 3:00 and started getting ready. I had another contraction and then he started doing his job. He said the next contraction would feel the same, the one after that should be better, and the one after that I shouldn't feel at all. And he was right on the money! Within 10 minutes I felt so much better. We found a good position for me to start out in and just let nature and science do their jobs. I was feeling a lot of pressure/discomfort in my bottom, so Ashley got me the button for the epidural and I was able to give myself a few extra 'nudges'. 

Time is a little hazy in here. I dozed on and off, changed positions a few times to even out the epidural, chatted with Brent and Lindsey {who also napped}. I know for most of everything Smoochie's heart rate was great and tolerated everything from that day really well. A few times there were some funny blips on the monitor but overall I couldn't have asked for better - that was my big concern with all the interventions since Trent didn't handle them well! Dr. Campaigne checked me 2 more times between the epidural and 8:00, and I went to a 6 and 90% effaced to an 8 and 100% effaced {I think this check was about 6:00 or 6:15}. The very first check after the epidural, Dr. C commented on how much better everything felt which was great to hear! At one point, we did turn the Pitocin back on because my contractions weren't as consistent anymore {the Pitocin had been off for probably 6 hours}.

I knew Ashley's shift was over at 7:00, and I was bummed she wouldn't be there to take us to the finish line, but I was glad when I found out Dr. C was on duty that night too. I obviously love Liane {who delivered Drew}, but Dr. C knew the details of the day, so I was glad she'd be there until the end.

My parents had kept Trent and Drew at their house all day, but the plan was for them to spend the night with Brent's parents and my mom to stay in the hospital with me, so my mom got to the hospital about 8:00 after taking the kids to Brent's parents. Within 5 minutes of her getting there, Dr. C was back to check me and said I was ready to push! Yay! She and Melissa {the new nurse who was also great} got everything set-up and we were ready to rock by 8:10.

I pushed through 3 contractions and half of Smoochie's head was out. I was ready to power through and keep pushing but Dr. C made me wait. OMG. That was so intense! I had to moan and breathe deep because I wanted to push SO BAD. On the next contraction, out came a wiggly baby, and Dr. C held Smoochie up, so I could be the first to see {and say} 'It's a girl!' Dr. C is so sweet and actually asked how we wanted it announced - love her.

Smoochie the Moose was here and earned every bit of her nickname and reputation since she weighed 1 ounce shy of 10 pounds! She was covered in meconium and the neonatal team was nervous and wanted her right away, so we had to clamp her cord a little earlier than I liked {although Dr. C went as slowly as possible and told me 'She's fine.' ha}, and her Apgar scores were 8 and 9! The nursing team got her cleaned off and we were able to pretty quickly do skin-to-skin.

Can't get enough of these cheeks!

She was born at 8:19 PM so after being my longest labor and biggest baby, I pushed her out the fastest! Dr. C said I had a big and healthy placenta {which excited me for the number of pills that would net me}.

Brent headed home about 9:30 or so and Mom and I got moved over to the postpartum wing about midnight. 

And that is Paige's debut story! While I didn't end up having a repeat natural birth, Paige's story is definitely her own, and I'm so thrilled she made it here safe and sound. I am honestly a little sad I didn't have the birth I planned, but I know I did what was needed and really the only thing I truly cared about was a safe delivery, and we definitely got that!

I'll post some of the amazing birth photos Lindsey took soon too - totally an amazing thing to have!

Happy birthday, Paige!


the blogivers said...

Yay! Not exactly the way you would have written the story, but still a very happy ending :)

Kathryn Bagley said...

Her it! So happy for you!!

Emily said...

Yay so fun to read. I know you were disappointed about the epidural but at least you still got to push her out! As I was reading, I kept wondering if it would end in a c-section so hooray for no C! I'm always jealous of moms who can push their babies out. Congrats again and I just love her squishy cheeks!!!