Friday, December 16, 2016

Baby Smoochie: 41 Weeks

Well, I'm officially the most pregnant I've ever been. Ask me if I'm happy about that. {grin} I really thought Thursday was going to be THE DAY. I woke up a little before 6:00 with contractions that kept coming every 3-5 minutes for over 3 hours. My parents came and took the kids to school and Brent stayed home from work. I called my OB and given how fast Drew's labor progressed, they had me come in. Well, let's just say that was a bust of an appointment. Still only about 1 cm dilated and contractions died out. I did have an ultrasound to check a few things - to quote my doc 'You have a lot of amniotic fluid AND a big baby.' She said it'll be quite impressive when my water breaks. So that's something to look forward to. I also had a 30 minute non-stress test that showed Smoochie is doing exactly what he/she is supposed to be doing inside. I go back Monday to repeat all these tests...but let's all hope and pray I don't make it to Monday!

How far along: 41 weeks

Weight gain: We don't need to discuss anything past 40 weeks, right?

Gender: I am seriously so ready to know. I was tempted to ask the doc during the ultrasound - and Brent even joked about trying to get a peak. But she was just checking certain things, so it wasn't really a 'and there's the baby's face' kind of ultrasound.

Pic taken on the way out the door...when I thought I'd be having a baby.

Maternity clothes: Unless it is a dress, it isn't comfortable. Putting on pants of any sort is so uncomfortable!

Movement: Yes! And a lot of it is so painful!

Sleep: I have my set-up down but whether I actually fall asleep easily or not is a different matter. I apparently snore a ton, so B slept on the couch Wednesday night. We both got good sleep which would have been much appreciated if I'd ACTUALLY HAD A BABY THURSDAY.

Symptoms: I am having so many contractions but obviously not enough to do anything. Grrrrrr...

Cravings: I'm not really craving anything specific but am just eating my feelings.

What I miss: Not having every waking thought being consumed with WHEN WILL THIS BABY COME???

The fun non-stress test!

Best moment of the week: I got a prenatal massage earlier in the week that was amazing {except the pressure point stuff he did to stimulate labor...hahahaha}.

Worst moment of the week: Hearing my doc say I still wasn't dilated. She did say it's really common in 2nd and 3rd pregnancies to have a lot of these starts and stops.

Other random stuff: I am really glad Allison and I got to see La La Land! It's also nice that NO MATTER WHAT this weekend will FOR SURE be our last weekend as a family of 4!


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Ahhhhhh! Soooo close!!!!