Friday, February 22, 2019

Oscars 2019 - My Votes!

I got as far as I could get before this post, so I could get my votes 'recorded'! I watched Roma over a couple of nights and Brent and I rented BlacKkKlansman, so I finished 7 of the 8 Best Picture nominees! What's crazy is I didn't hate ANY of the nominees and actually REALLY liked a lot of them, who'd have ever thought that would be the case?!?! [Highlighted in red if I didn't see the film.]

I've looked up nothing to see what is 'supposed' to win, so this is just who I hope will win. And I've been very lazy with watching any other award shows, so I have no idea who has won what elsewhere, ha.

Best Supporting Actress
Emma Stone, The Favourite
Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk
Rachel Weisz, The Favourite
Marina de Tavira, Roma
Amy Adams, Vice

My vote: I think I lean towards Emma Stone. She just seemed a little crazier in The Favourite, and while I thought her character was a terrible person, the acting was great! I also thought Marina de Tavira did a great job in Roma, so I wouldn't be upset if she won.

Best Supporting Actor
Adam Driver, BlacKkKlansman
Mahershala Ali, Green Book
Sam Rockwell, Vice
Sam Elliott, A Star is Born
Richard E. Grant, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

My vote: Mahershala Ali HANDS DOWN. His performance was amazing. After seeing him play a drug dealer in Moonlight and knowing he's a police detective in True Detective this season {which Brent is watching}, it's obvious he has real range.

Best Actress
Lady Gaga, A Star is Born
Melissa McCarthy, Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Olivia Colman, The Favourite
Yalitza Aparcio, Roma
Glenn Close, The Wife

My vote: I am rooting for Lady Gaga here, she was phenomenal in A Star is Born. But really any of the 3 movies I saw had amazing lead actresses, so no complaints here.

Best Actor
Bradley Cooper, A Star is Born
Willem Dafoe, At Eternity's Gate
Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody
Viggo Mortensen, Green Book
Christian Bale, Vice

My vote: I'm pulling for Rami Malek just a smidge over Bradley Cooper. Rami was insanely spot-on as Freddie Mercury and really gave a top-notch performance.

Best Picture
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Favourite
Black Panther
Green Book
A Star is Born

My vote: This is actually really tough for me - and not for my usual reason of not liking many of the nominees! I would honestly be happy if Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Panther, Green Book, or A Star is Born won - I loved all of those movies. Being a HUGE Queen fan for years, I would love it extra a lot if Bohemian Rhapsody won, but I think my personal favorite is Green Book. I just feel like the story was SO GOOD, and the acting was superb, everything about it was just excellent!

Anybody see any of these films? Will you be watching the Oscars?


Natasha said...

I have seen NONE of these movies :( I have only heard of A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody. This morning I heard Green Book mentioned on the radio so I guess you can technically say I've heard of that one too.

I will likely watch some of the video clips on Monday morning after I hear which speeches were absolutely incredible. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Green Book! - AP