Friday, February 15, 2019

A Real Valentine's

We had, as usual, a very chill Valentine's Day. I have zero expectations for this day to be super romantic or expect Brent to buy me flowers or anything along those lines. I typically buy the kids a small gift and that's about it. {grin}

I wanted to blog about our Valentine's Day this year because I've been doing something new this year with Trent and Drew that haws been really neat. I cut out paper hearts and would write a note about something I loved about them and taped the heart to their doors. I didn't hit 100% before Valentine's Day but did most days. I knew Drew would love it, but I have been surprised at how much Trent enjoyed it too! They were always excited when they noticed their hearts! It was always simple stuff: I love reading Harry Potter with you, I love your hugs, I love how sweet you are to Paige, etc.

Today when they woke up their gifts were on the fireplace, and I put Trent and Drew's hearts on top.

Today their hearts said the same thing:
I love you because you are you. XOXO
[I wrote them all in cursive because of Montessori.]

I wore my heart leggings to Jazzercise!
They're too wild for me to wear the rest of the year ha.

It was a beautiful day in Texas, so we played outside most of the afternoon.
We skipped our chores to play, so the house looks less than stellar.

Brent suggested Chick-fil-A for dinner as a treat, and they finished the night with Back to the Future in bed! The big 2 don't have school tomorrow, so it was a good night for staying up late for a movie.

And that's how our 22nd Valentine's Day went down together. Not the most romantic but definitely a great day full of love with my family.


Emily said...

aw I really love the notes thing. That's a great idea! And I can totally understand how it would be extra special for Trent; sometimes when you're older I feel like you have to act too cool for stuff like that, but then you need it the most. Or that's how I remember feeling.

Natasha said...

I never did get the hearts off the ground this year but I love that idea. It really is the little things which make a big difference, isn't it? Our Valentines Day this year was filled with being exhausted from jet lag so that was different :)

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love the note idea! Sounds like a perfect valentines :)