Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Nine By the Numbers

I haven't scheduled a well-check yet for Trent, but you guys all know how I feel about stats, so I couldn't let a birthday pass for one of my offspring without documenting growth!

Height: 52" {54%}
Weight: 56 pounds {31%}
BMI: 14.7 {16%}
Clothing size: 8/M
Shoe size: 2

By the numbers:
Inches grown: 2.5"
Pounds gained: 7!!!
BMI: up 1.1%
Teeth lost: 0

9 was a really awesome year for Trent overall. He handled a lot of change in stride and has matured so much. 

He changed schools in January, leaving the school he had been at for 4 years for a new Montessori school in town. He also 'graduated' from that class and will move on to Upper El in August. He adjusted beautifully to his new class, made friends, learned a lot, impressed his teacher, kept his same girlfriend, and did really well. The last couple of weeks were rough, but we think it's because he's getting nervous about moving up.

He remains a mixed bag when it comes to his siblings, ha. I don't understand how he can be SO SWEET to Paige and SO ROUGH on Drew. I mean, I technically do understand because Drew is closer to his age and can get under his skin, but geez does he pick on her! It remains one of the cutest things ever, though, to see him take care of/play with Paige.

One of the most interesting things about this year was his developing love of sports. Up until he moved schools, he had very little interest in sports. He played soccer in the fall but didn't really enjoy it. Well, his new group of friends was into sports and all of the sudden, he was playing football, basketball, and soccer at recess and wanted to practice/play at home! He played soccer again this spring and improved so much and had a lot of fun! He wants to play flag football in the fall, basketball in the winter and soccer in the spring - can't wait!

Also related to sports, we just started swim lessons for him - just to work on form/stroke technique because he's actually really good, and the instructor commented on how much natural talent he has in the water - that was cool to hear, and I wonder if he would want to try swim team???

He still LOVES to read - especially comic-style books like Big Nate, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, etc. He has a voracious appetite for books {no idea where that comes from}! I love it so much!

He still plays a lot with Legos, but we had several months in there where he wasn't interested hardly at all, and I thought maybe his love was dying out. But after his birthday, we spent his birthday money on 2 Lego Jurrasic World sets, ha.

He continues to love time with his cousin, Miles. They are thick as thieves! They love to ride bikes at my parents, and we let them go off for a little bit by themselves - big steps for the mamas!

We are starting to give Trent some independence and freedom at home. I've left him home a handful of times - for maybe up to an hour, and he's done great!

He's still seeing a therapist and taking his meds for MTHFR, but I would say his behavior this past year has been the best ever - not perfect, of course, but so good!

Trent is such a slob, like his mother. {grin} His room can go from perfectly clean to a disaster SO FAST. It's a really special talent!

Trent is such a fun kid, and I'm really excited to see what the future holds for him. Love this first born who made me a mama SO much!!! XOXO


Kathryn Bagley said...

Yes to swim team!! :) He's really growing up!