Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Grow Baby Grow {Paige} - 11 Months!

So cliche, but I cannot believe Paige is 11 months old today! Her party is in 11 days - this just doesn't seem possible.

Weight: 17.5 pounds at a sick visit 2 weeks ago
Clothes: 6-9/9-12 months from Carter's, 6-12 months everywhere else
Diapers: size 3 in disposables, 1 snap down, 2 across in cloth

Paige is so close to walking! She has taken 1-2 steps several times but is crawling 99% of the time. She can stand independently for long periods of time and loves to walk holding our fingers. By this age, Trent and Drew were both almost fully walking - I find that so interesting since Paige crawled first!

Paige is fanatic about food. The high chair is her happy spot, and I can put her there with some snacks most of the time when I have a chore I need to do. The only thing she's tried that she didn't like is pickles, and I finally gave her some carbs this month, although her diet still primarily consists of protein, fruit, veggie at every meal.

There are only 2 things Paige doesn't like: the car {unless she is standing in the front seat holding the steering wheel} and being put in her bed at bedtime. 

I can usually get her into her car seat if I am handing her food, usually raisins, while I strap her in. Our drive consists of me handing her raisins everytime she whines or trying to pass her various toys/rattles. After about 20-30 minutes, she is pretty peeved to still be in the car.

Her sleep routine goes like this: nap 1 - falls asleep nursing and sleeps for 3 hours, nap 2 (if she has one) - never falls asleep nursing, maybe fusses a little but goes to sleep pretty easily and sleeps for 30-45 minutes, bedtime - 75% of the time screams and I have to go back in 1-3 times. Bedtime is still around 7:00. I think she'll transition to 1 nap before too long.

Paige is nursing better than she has been in the past. I was worried she was going to self-wean early, but being sick a couple of times this month has renewed our nursing relationship.

Mostly she loves school but sleeps pretty crappy there. In the last 2 weeks, they started giving her my breastmilk in a cup and she is doing so good with it! She'll drink 5 ounces at a time.

Paige still has 6 teeth - 4 on the top, 2 on the bottom. Her gums are really swollen on the bottom where her molars are. We took her to the pediatrician 2 weeks ago because she was crying all the time and so unhappy and that's the only thing the pediatrician could find.

She had her first ear infection last week. We waited it out, and it cleared up on its own, yay!

We had a record of 6 nights sleeping through the night, but she broke that on Sunday night - ugh.

Paige loves getting into her sleep sack at bedtime {which is so weird how much she fights actually going to bed} and will sign 'milk' and say 'night-night'. It is so cute!

She can say 'da-da' and I think she knows what she's talking about but no 'ma-ma' yet. She signs 'more', 'all done', and 'milk'. She can clap and wave, and we're working on blowing kisses. She will put her mouth on mine if I ask for kisses - LOVE!

Paige LOVES to chew on toothbrushes - especially her siblings'.

We are definitely starting to see tantrums when Paige doesn't get her way. She is very dramatic.

She's not a big book fan. She loves the books that have something to touch, but if I try to read to her...not interested. She will take the book away from me and flip the pages herself.

She loves bathtime and is happy to shower with one of us - she loves to play on the floor of the shower - or take a bath in her bathtub. She loves to splash!

Basically she is the best baby ever, and we are all smitten with her. Trent took one of her school pictures to keep in his room and kisses it every night, Drew wants to play with her and mother her constantly, and Brent and I just this she is the sweetest. I am forever thankful that Brent relented on having another baby because I can't imagine going my whole life without her joy in it.


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