Friday, May 12, 2017

The End of the Road

You would think all things associated with me having our last baby would have come to an end...but nope! We still have a few more 'last' firsts in our future. {grin}

To likely end a tradition I started with Trent, yesterday I donated my hair! I don't know why I decided to tie childbirth to hair donation, but I did it after Trent, and then I did it after Drew, so of course I had to do it after Paige.

The before - seriously the longest my hair has EVER been in my life.
I was SOOOOOO sick of it!

Back view - kind of hard to see against the t-shirt

11 inches of hair! {and that's not counting what got cut in the styling process}

And AFTER! I love it! It feels so good and light and wonderful.
I also think I look younger...or maybe that's wishful thinking after starting my day at 3:00 AM due to someone who will remain nameless...ahem...Paige. 

Trying to look less dorky when I take a selfie...don't think I succeeded! 

I imagine this is the last time I'll have the patience to grow my hair out that long again - it was nice having a goal with the kiddos but that was a bit of torture, ha!


Emily said...

That's a great tradition!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love it! and it does make you look younger :)

Karen Peterson said...

I love this style on you! And such a great tradition!