Tuesday, May 2, 2017


  • We registered Trent and Drew for swim lessons through our community rec center. I'm excited to build on what they learned last year...but am also glad to not be repeating our first day from last year!
  • Guess who started at Stitch Fix? This lady!!
  • And guess who is sleeping AND napping in their crib? NOT this lady, ha. Post to come soon about this once we've really mastered it...
  • I have 2 books downloaded from the library and NEITHER one of them is a Nora Roberts book. #proud
  • This time last year we had our first OB appointment for Smoochie. So glad we have Smoochie on the outside now!
  • I am using my passport for identification at Stitch Fix. Sad that it is 9 years old and has 1 stamp... We have chosen to have kids instead of travel. SOMEDAY we'll travel!
  • The kids LOVE the song Shut Up and Dance with Me and also the Minecraft parody Shut Up and Mine with Me. Can you picture Drew and me {with Paige in the Ergo} walking around the grocery store singing 'These diamonds are my destiny. Whoa oh, shut up and mine with me.' over and over. Do you think the other patrons enjoyed it?
  • I saw this quote and thought YES! 'Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you'd most like not to lose.'  -Neil Gaiman
  • We need new pans - ours are super old {think wedding gift} and probably toxic given I was clueless about that stuff when we got married. Anyone have a good suggestion for pots and pans that won't break the bank {I so wish I could buy all Le Creuset} but good quality and non-toxic?
  • Did I mention that all 3 kids will be at our school next year? We got a scholarship for Trent, so we can keep all of them there! I am so excited Trent gets to finish his Montessori cycle but also excited for 1 drop-off and pick-up! Paige starts in the Nido {Italian for 'nest'} class in the fall, and it is the cutest room. Ever.
That was a lot of randomness, huh? {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

Excited for your stitch fix adventure! (can I call it an adventure..lol)

Emily said...

Wow are you doing stitchfix on top of your HR work? That's a lot!