Friday, May 26, 2017

Celebrating Brent

Brent's birthday was last week, but we had Trent's school play and his First Communion, so we chose Saturday late afternoon/evening/night to celebrate. He wanted to go on the square in our town with friends and just eat and have drinks. My parents agreed to watch the kids {AND PUT PAIGE TO BED!!! MY FIRST TIME TO NOT PUT HER DOWN!!!}, so out we went!

Documenting his birthday just as much as me being OUT OF THE HOUSE!
This was the 21st birthday I got to celebrate with Brent. So awesome.

Our friend, Mike, bought everyone tequila shots which we all dutifully took.
Then he bought himself and Brent a shot of Makers.

I couldn't stay out too late due to milk issues, but I got a picture of everyone.
I got home about 8:45 and Brent ubered home WAY later but had a great time!

Had so much fun with my love and our friends! Now onto Trent's birthday - he keeps saying he wants to have a slumber party - I'm not sure I'm ready for that, eek!


Emily said...

"Milk issues" = not my favorite part of postpartum! But always good to get out regardless. :)