Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Let's Party!

The kids got out of school last week, and I go back to work on June 7 (womp, womp). So one day last week I was thinking about the 3-day weekend - although right now every day is the weekend for us - and decided I wanted to have a Memorial Day party. My intentions were 100% selfish - I didn't want the kids begging to be on their Kindles all day, but I wanted Paige to be able to sleep in her bed {grin}! Well, our weekend ended up being really jam-packed and fun.

Brent decided Friday to take Drew to the lake with our friends (the same lake we went to last year for Memorial Day weekend). He knew I wouldn't want to go with Paige and that Drew would have the most fun as the other kids who would be there are her age. It was such a great plan. I was able to do a lot of work on reorganizing our playroom, spent extra time with Trent and Paige, and didn't stress about being away from home. 

We had to compare pictures of our sleeping charges. {grin}

Brent and Drew came home in time for me to go TO A MOVIE WITH ALLISON! My first theater movie of 2017!!! We saw Beauty and the Beast FINALLY! Even though I'm sure everyone who wanted to see it has seen it, review to come this week.

And Monday, we had a great party! We ended up with about 50 people here between adults and kids. We had 2 kiddie pools and our bounce house set up, and all 3 kids' rooms and the play room were DESTROYED. Everyone brought an app to share so we had a crazy amount of food. My mom, mother-in-law, and sister cleaned my kitchen before they left which might have been the best part! And of course I took ZERO pictures, boo.

This week our summer nanny, Morgan, will be coming over a little so she and the kids can start getting used to each other and learning each other. I'm not worried about it since I work from home, but I do think Paige is going to have the biggest adjustment. I don't want to whine talk too much about this because I know how amazing my company is for a 24-week, 100% paid maternity leave, and I know I have a pretty sweet set-up, but I am going to miss being the one to do everything for my baby. I went through these same emotions every time I went back to work, and I will go through them again with Paige starts 'school' in the fall, and I'm sure I'll blog about it then, too!

I think I'm going to take the big 2 to see Captain Underpants on Friday - I know, I know - and hopefully, we can come up with a few more fun things to do before I start the daily grind again. 

Man for a post that was supposed to be about a Memorial Day party, I kind of went all over the place, huh?


Emily said...

Count me as one person who hasn't seen beauty and the beast (the new one). I've heard mixed reviews. I'm pretty partial to the original so I'm curious how much I'd like the live action

Kathryn Bagley said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!