Monday, May 8, 2017

Life Updates

A lot has been going on lately that I wanted to blog about - none of it quite enough to do individual posts, so this'll be a hodge podge assortment of stuff. {grin}

Paige is sleeping in her crib! She's unswaddled and sleeping in a sleep sack! She's napping at least 50% of the time for more than an hour! This is totally the point in motherhood where I stop stressing a lot. I hate swaddling, I had the short baby sleep cycles, I hate teaching a baby to work through that, I hate when everyone isn't where they're 'supposed to be'. I am just on cloud 9 for where we are! I will miss snuggling with her during her naps, but I am definitely much more productive, ha. I also crave structure and knowing my babies' personalities in the newborn days, and I feel like that's totally where we are. Everyone is sleeping where they are supposed to, Paige is SO predictable now {hallelujah!}, it's just the beginning of the really good stuff. Now if we could just get her sleeping through the night...

I am feeling really good. This seems to be where my postpartum lets up. With Trent, I stopped taking Zoloft right around 6 months PP. With Drew, I noticed the anxiety was pretty much gone by the time I went back to work {at 5 months PP}. Sleep is definitely one of my triggers and once the baby is going to bed earlier, is sleeping in their crib, etc. I can just breathe. I don't think I'm quite ready to reduce the Zoloft yet, but it's so exciting to know it's probably not too far off.

I go back to work in 4 weeks. I am not necessarily ready to go back, but given I must work, I can't complain over 24 weeks off at full pay. We hired a nanny for the 3rd summer in a row, and I think this one {her name is Morgan} will be amazing. It's going to be such a different experience going back to work in my HR role compared to when I was in Audit. I will still see the kids so much during the day, and being able to continue to nurse Paige and not have to pump will be so nice.

I took the kids to my in-laws' apartment. They sold their house and are building a new one literally 7 minutes from us, but they're living in an apartment until it is ready. The big 2 went swimming and had a blast. Although it seems like they forgot a lot of what they learned at swim lessons last summer. Good thing we got them enrolled this summer!

Something really cool is happening Thursday...but I'm not going to say what it is just yet. Come back Friday to see!


Emily said...

Yay for postpartum improvements!!! I'm impressed she's already unswaddled. No more need for the Merlin?

Kathryn Bagley said...

Glad things are getting better! Eek can't wait for your announcement!