Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Life Lately

Lots more randomness to share! I wish {well not that badly} I had more pictures to share than just ones of my kids, but really, it's all about them anyway!

Early morning snuggles - not a good picture but a wonderful moment.

Somebody finally got turned around forward facing!

Trent got a much needed haircut. The cheesy pose came free.

Drew asked if we could get ice cream. A pregnant mama is not one to say no.
This place also makes the BEST snow cones.

I forgot to share one zoo picture - climbing up to get a better view of the turtles.

Saturday afternoon we drove up to Salado. The family reunion that used to be the highlight of my summer has dwindled to a much smaller group of people, but we still go to visit and for the swimming for the kids!

She fell asleep 5 minutes before we pulled into the hotel. Of course.
Look at her cute new sandals! Her crocs were SO small!

All 5 crazies

Babs with her babies

We had homework from swim lessons to practice in the pool. We swam Saturday at the reunion and then went to the local Country Club pool to swim Sunday. The kids probably spent 5+ hours in the pool, and Trent spend easily 75% of it without his life jacket and did SO GOOD swimming. Drew practiced a lot too, and is making a lot of progress!

And proud mom moment - look at how well they're doing.
{And how T helped D out of the water. AWWWWWW}

And just because this girl CRACKS me up.
She borrowed this singing Christmas tree from my parents yesterday.

So that's Life Lately for us!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Last video...LOL!!

Karen Peterson said...

Sparkly sandals are so cute!!