Friday, June 3, 2016

Firsts and Lasts 2015-16 Edition

We finished school a week ago, and it has been so nice to pack away the lunch boxes and be able to set the alarm for a little later!

At the start of the year, Trent was new to lower elementary {1st - 3rd grade in the same classroom} and Drew was still in the Casita program {15 months - 3 years}. Trent was usually grumpy about going to school, and Drew was hesitant to be back after a summer off AND with a new lead teacher in her classroom {Luckily, she had the same assistant who she loves! Her name is Yuriko, and Drew always called her My-koko. SO CUTE!}

August 2015

Now we have finished our first year in lower elementary, and Trent ended the year being mostly happy to go every day and made a good group of friends. He was the 'scene caller' for his class play {picture below} after not even participating in the Christmas program {he sang from the audience}. He has grown up so much! And Drew promoted to the Children's House {3 years - Kindergarten} and had a great time in her class as well. She ended the year very independent and also mostly happy to be at school every day!

May 2016

Love these 2 nuggets and can't wait to see how they grow even more next year!

Mr. Scene Caller for Robin Hood!


Chelsea said...

They are so cute :) Chelsea @

Anonymous said...

Love it! Enjoy your summer!!! - AP

Karen Peterson said...

It's amazing how fast kids grow and how much they change in such a short time!