Friday, June 24, 2016

Baby Smoochie - 16 Weeks

Another pregnancy, the start of another series of pregnancy updates! I filled this out and went back and looked at one right around the same time with Drew and noticed very similar responses {like missing wine, ha}.

Fresh out of bed 16 week bump!

How far along: 16 weeks

Size of baby: 3-5 ounces, 4-5 inches or an avocado

Weight gain: Officially {at my appointment 2 weeks ago} it was 5 pounds. Unofficially I am pretty sure it's closer to 10, but I'm not getting on the scale. And I might not look at any of my future appointments or every write about it again. I fixate too much on my weight and there's not much I can do about it, so why stress?


Maternity clothes: About 75% - I have 1 pair of non-maternity shorts that still work. Otherwise everything has elastic. I can still wear some of my looser non-pregnancy shirts, but given it's my last time with my maternity clothes I'm not complaining about wearing them - some of them are like old friends that have been around for a LONG time with lots of good memories!

Movement: I think I'm maybe feeling the baby - I feel like these first few flutters are always hard to decipher. I hope I start feeling more really soon!

Sleep: Hit or miss. I am taking magnesium which helps but I am already having a lot of restless nights. Drew's antics don't help either when she has her middle of the night parties.

Hi Trent!

Symptoms: If I don't drink enough water, I swell a little, so I try for 100 ounces a day. I also feel a little bit of sciatica if I stand too long but nothing like with Trent. I'm still dry-heaving regularly when I brush my teeth or get hungry. Threw up once last week which is the latest I've thrown up in any of my pregnancies. I already get out of breath very easily and move slower. My body certainly remembers all of this!

Cravings: Total pregnancy stereotype but PICKLES!

What I miss: WINE.

Best moment of the week: I don't know that I really have one that is baby related since it's still so early. I would say feeling the baby if I were more certain that is what I was feeling! Family-wise it's been really fun re-doing Drew's room. She's sleeping on her crib mattress on the floor, so I've ordered her some big girl bedding and a new bed!

Worst moment of the week: Probably just the fact that I feel like my symptoms shouldn't already be here, ha. The swelling was starting to make me nervous, but since I've been really diligent with the water, I don't have any. Whew.

Other random stuff: We have to get new car seats for my car so that my back row will fit 3 car seats. Trent's is 5 1/2 years old so that's not necessarily a bad thing! I've been thinking about a nursery, but we have to figure out if we are going to turn Trent's bed back into a crib and if so what to do in his room before we can really plan the nursery. Not really in a big rush for that though.

Belly-button watch: Already starting to go out. Not shocking since mine seems to start to stretch out real early.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Baby Smoochie!!! -AP

Emily said...

Your bump is so cute!

Also, there is no time in my life where I crave wine, beer, and cocktails as much as when I'm pregnant. Then as soon as I'm NOT pregnant (like now), it's like: "meh, sure, I'll have a glass, but I don't need one." WHY?!?!

Kathryn Bagley said...

it's crazy how a mom can look so different with 3 separate pregnancies! So excited for you guys!

Karen Peterson said...

You look so cute!