Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nursery Update

Brent and I bought Baby Boy's nursery furniture last night! Big step for me. I can be really indecisive when it comes to big purchases - I think and think about it, I ask everyone else's opinion, I think and think some more, I change my mind and drive everyone around me crazy. I actually switched our crib at the last minute in the store, which I'm really glad I did. I was explaining to Brent why I was on the fence on the one I'd put on hold versus the other style in the store, and he decided for me. Thanks honey!! {And if you're thinking this looks oddly similar to what Patty has, you'd be right - I copied my big sister - as usual - and got furniture by the same manufacturer.} My fabulous mother-in-law is going to start painting today, so there should be some real progress in the next weeks.