Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Pregnancy

Since this is sort of supposed to be an online journal, I wanted to write down a few things about my pregnancy (to date). I was shopping for a baby book today, and it got me to thinking about how my pregnancy has been...and I don't want to forget this. I love being pregnant; knowing what my body is doing right now is so amazing! I really feel so special. :)

During the first trimester, I was nauseous on-and-off all day long (most days). I only threw up a handful of times though, which was nice. I also HATED water, and I had to force myself to drink it. I didn't crave any particular food, but I wanted starchy foods (baked potatoes, pizza) because they seemed to keep my stomach a little more settled. I was also really tired...a pretty stereotypical first trimester.

During the second trimester, the nauseau settled and the sciatica started. There were a few times my back hurt SO bad I had to crawl through the house - which would always make me laugh. I've gotten a few massages though and that has helped (and made me oh so happy). I had to reduce my workout routine A LOT. Basically all I can do now is walk and some light weights (not that I do either very often). I didn't really find the 'energy' a lot of other mothers talked about; I was still really tired - not as tired as during the first trimester but still tired. I had a little bump around 16 weeks and really felt like I was showing around 22 weeks.

So far the third trimester hasn't felt much different from the second, but I know that will change. It is harder for me to get up and move around (I can't fit through our bathroom doors without opening both, which makes me laugh). I've had a little bit of heartburn, and everyone is a witness to my swollen feet, but nothing bad yet. I don't think I've had too many irrational moments, but I do cry more (which is hard to believe). Anything related to kids, and especially sons, can start the waterworks.

Seems like a pretty typical pregnancy, for which I am extremely thankful. I had an appointment on Thursday and everything was good - weight, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat... I meant to take pictures yesterday but forgot, so I'll do that in the morning. We'll see how 30 weeks looks!!