Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Random stuff to talk about today... I have had some big deadlines at work (one today and one tomorrow), so my life the last few days have revolved around work, which is SO not exciting!

Kristen is here and staying with, which is so fabulous! Last night we stayed up late talking and found out this morning that we kept Brent awake we were so loud. Oops!

Janet (the fabulous mother-in-law, I might start calling her FMIL) is ordering the fabric for the nursery soon, we have decided on how it is all going to look, which is a huge relief. It took a LOT of time to figure out which fabrics would go where on the quilt, valence, bed skirt, bumper, etc. We also have made a change in the nursery. No longer doing bead board - painting the room 2 different colors with a chair rail. Here are the 2 colors:
We had a great Easter weekend and spent time with my family on Saturday and Brent's on Sunday. Miles slept almost ALL day on Saturday, but I got this cute picture of him sleeping. He was wearing an outfit I bought him, and he looked just precious.

That's about all I've got for now!!